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BiG BiG BiG BiG HAiR!!!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!?

there are so may products that r suppoesed to make ur hair big and give it volume. whats a good line of products ot make my hair BIG?!?! really big! that wont flatten a hour after i do it. haha i know alot of them do that,and wont be all frizzy or sticky...what product line is good?! where can i buy it?!

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    Try BedHead products or Big Sexy Hair products for your hair. They work really well, and you can purchase them at any beauty supply store or the mall.

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    I would suggest not to rely on the shampoos to have long hair. My would like to share some of the natural kitchen products which will help to strengthen and smoothen your hair. Apply a natural hair mask made with six to eight drops of lemon juice to one egg, and beat it well. After thoroughly cleansing your hair with your favorite shampoo (use any mild shampoo), apply the egg-lemon mixture and leave it on for about a minute or so. Rinse very well with cold water and make sure that there are no residues left. The egg will add nutrients like protein and Vitamin E to your hair and the lemon in limonene oil will condition the hair. Hope this works out for you.

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    I have the same problem what works is Baby oil But put it in when you get out of the showerdont put it in when your hair drys then get a curling iron only to the hair for about 10 minutes and that works.Your lucky because Im trying to get the poof out Hope it helpes

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    a variety of of hair spray and hair wax. you will choose for a around brush and a comb. the form of comb with the hair parter. First straighten all your hair, comb bangs to the front, and keep taking strands of hair lifting up off the top, and tease below. each and each strand whilst performed teasing dont ignore some hair spray.

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    Joico used to make a shaping spray and u put it on before styling and i swear anything that u do takes perfect shape instantly

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    u shud use SUNSILK YELLOW/PINK..........they're d best!!!!!!!!!!

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