Top LGBT places for young people under 25 in Beirut, Lebanon?

Can anyone help me with this?

And i dont mean strictly clubs or pubs, maybe a certain cafe or something?

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  • C-Bag
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    1 decade ago
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    Your best bet is to click on: and then click on the city "Beirut" for more info. The website is an LGBT organization called Helem, an Arabic acronym for "Lebanese Protection for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender People," that might be helpful for you.

    The site gives a list of some of Beirut's gay-friendly: Cinemas,

    Night Clubs, Restau/Pubs & Bars, Cafe's, Bathhouses, Cruising Areas, Beaches, and Shops.

    For cafe's the site lists and gives the location of: Dunkin Donuts, Cinzzeo, Starbucks, and Columbus as gathering places for the gay community to meet, cruise and gossip.

    Just a reminder to be discreet!!! Gays and lesbians have always lived in Lebanon (and other Arab countries) a life of isolation and fear. The law is against them (article 534 of the Lebanese penal code). Society is against them; and religion is against them.

  • hawke
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    3 years ago

    i'm an American female residing and working in Beirut with my Lebanese husband and that i've got been right here for 3 months. Beirut average is very secure, and the crime fee is so low whilst in comparison with the U. S.. the only difficulty is the political instability, notwithstanding it has greater over the final month. i grew to become into right here some months in the past whilst civil war broke out in diverse neighborhoods in Beirut and militants blocked the line to the airport. I had a flight the day after the combating broke out and grew to become into compelled to cancel. although, there grew to become into no combating in the community i'm in and that i grew to become into going approximately my every day enterprise as known. So there are some risks, yet i might say they are extremely proper risks - Beirut is very calm top now.

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