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誰可以幫我找一下冰山融化的英文資料 最好有中文翻譯

如題 拜託 很急唷 在星期日以前一定要


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    可打上ice, melting等字來搜尋,應該可找到相關的資料。以下為幾篇用這個方法尋得的文章,參考看看:

    1.Arctic Ice Melting Faster Than Expected 北極浮冰融速度超乎預料

    New studies project that the Arctic Ocean could be mostly open water in summer by 2040 — several decades earlier than previously expected — partly as a result of global warming caused by emissions of greenhouse gases. ...新研究預測,北極海到2040年夏天前可能成為一片幾乎無浮冰的空曠海域——比以前的預料早了好幾十年——而這部分原因是溫室氣體的排放導致全球暖化而造成。…﹙未完之部份,請見

    2.Antarctic's ice 'melting faster' 南極冰山融化加快

    A team of UK researchers claims to have new evidence that global warming is melting the ice in Antarctica faster than had previously been thought. 一個英國科學家宣稱擁有證據可以證明,全球暖化使南極的冰,以人們前所未想過的速度融化了。﹙請參見﹚

    3.Greenland ice melting faster than thought 格陵蘭的冰融化速度超乎想像

    Scientists believe Greenland's glaciers are sliding into the ocean much faster than earlier thought, a new report says. 一份新的報告表示,科學家認為格陵蘭冰河滑入海中的速度比早先所想像的還要快很多。

    The loss of ice from Greenland doubled between 1996 and 2005, as its glaciers flowed faster into the ocean in response to a generally warmer climate, according to a NASA/University of Kansas study. ... 根據NASA/堪薩斯大學的研究,因為氣候普變逐漸提高,所以格陵蘭從1996年到2005年之間所消失﹙融化掉﹚的冰,逐漸增為兩倍。…

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