Does anyone know how I can use celery leaves and how I can store the leaves?

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    I use them in all the ways others have mentioned but no one mentioned that they freeze and also dry well-the appearance is not the same but all the flavor is there-the only thing fresh is best for is salads.

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    I use the leaves in my stuffing and especially in my chicken soup , but to keep the leaves fresh i buy my celery about the same day or maybe the day before i plan on using it. This way i know it is fresh . But you can try wrapping it loosely in paper towel and putting it in a clear plastic bag and try and get all the air out when you close it , but still use it rather fast due to browning of the leaves and not really knowing how long it may have been sitting on the grocery store produce shelf.

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    1 decade ago

    Most of the time, celery leaves are used primarily for decorations of your food.

    However, many south east asian dish actually uses the leaves as main ingredient instead of the celery sticks themselves; mostly in soups and stews.

    Depending how you want to use your celery leaves, you can put it in an airtight container and store it for up to two weeks, after that time you should throw it away since it will have somewhat a slimy substance.

    Do Not in under any circumstances freezing it and used it in a soup or stew, this will make your soup or your stew bitter.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    My mom always wraps the left over celery in aluminum foil (and so do I). It keeps the celery crisp and fresh longer. You can use celery leaves anywhere you can use celery. You just won't have the crunch you get from actual celery. The leaves taste just as good as the celery does, in my opinion. I commonly use celery and the leaves when making salads and soups.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I use the celery leaves in anything that I use celery in. I just leave them on the celery until I chop it.

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    4 years ago

    you are able to dry maximum leafy parts of vegetables via putting them in a 2 hundred degree Fahrenheit oven for 30 to 40 5 minutes, on a wire cooling rack in a cookie sheet. in case you do not have those, then a broiler pan. you need to even fall down some aluminum foil creatively to construct a drying rack. you're in basic terms searching to promote convective circulate of warm temperature air. go away the oven door ajar as you do this. I actually have seen human beings effectively dehydrate basil, marjoram, rosemary and different leaves with a hair dryer equipped with a diffuser attachment, too.

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    If you mean the tops,cook them in with the rest of the celery stalks.You can freeze them but they don't freeze well.Hope this helps...

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    we'll do soups or used it in stir fried dishes here. also to keep the leaves fresh longer, my mom will wrap them gently in newspaper and store then in those tupperware boxes for vegetables. they do keep well for one week! wrapping with news paper absorbs the humidity and delays rot from water. it also let the leaves "breathes". hth

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    I always use the leaves for flavoring chicken stock, then discard them when the stock is done cooking.

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