how do i become an actuary? . with a finance background....?

I have a degree in finance(banking & insurance), Im thinking of doing an MBA but what kind should i choose so that i can get an entry level job after passing 4-5 exams......

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    Step One

    Take advanced mathematics courses in high school and also advanced placement (AP) courses, if possible. Ask your high school guidance counselor to recommend colleges with outstanding mathematics programs.


    Step Two

    Obtain a bachelor's degree in mathematics, statistics, actuarial science, economics, accounting or finance.


    Step Three

    Make certain you receive excellent training in calculus, probability and statistics. Take liberal arts courses that will sharpen your communication and interpersonal skills.


    Step Four

    Understand that you will have to take a series of biannual actuarial exams that can take up to 10 years to complete, depending on your ambition. Preparation will involve mostly independent study, with perhaps a few seminars to attend.


    Step Five

    Check the Web sites of the Society of Actuaries (, the Casualty Actuarial Society ( and the American Society of Pension Actuaries ( for information on exams and the field.


    Step Six

    Take at least two exams before you graduate to increase your chances of entry-level employment in a tight job market. The first few exams do not require you to have an actuarial specialty.


    Step Seven

    Apply for jobs as soon as you pass. Your first job will likely be a lengthy internship designed to familiarize you with various operations in an insurance company. This will afford you the opportunity to decide on a specialty, such as life, health, property and casualty, or financial planning and investment.


    Step Eight

    Study regularly so that you can successfully complete the remaining exams and receive your professional status. Your aim is to pass the exams on schedule so that you will reach an actuary's associate (beginner) level within four to six years and a fellowship (professional) level a few years later.

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    I think it would be important to also have a somewhat strong mathematical background as well. Please go to the Website for a discussion of this and more.

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