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would gun crime be reduced if shops stopped supplying guns to people?

or if there were tougher restraints on the availability of over the counter guns


just to point out one little missconseption i grew up in london on a council estate and have been stabbed three times shot at twice and nearly beaten to death i am neither rich nor do i live in a big house with big electric fences so get your facts before you try to judge who or what i am

Update 2:

one other thing i was not refering to vt just gun crime

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    sure. all gun crime would stop if nobody could buy a gun.

    but, since people have been killing each other for thousands of years before guns were invented, they will use knives. once knives are banned , they will use rocks. as soon as all rocks are picked up by the rock police, sticks will be the weapon of choice.

    if schools were banned, you would solve the problem of school shootings. if teenagers were not allowed in groups of more then two in the same building at a time, no more then two teenagers could ever be killed at one time.

    the weapon is not the problem. in every case of a gun crime, the bad guy was in jail once, and they let him out. or, he was nuts, and they let him out of the nut house.

    the guy at virgina tech was nuts, everbody knew it. the campus police, his teachers, even his own mother. he was commited once. and what did they do ? acted surprised when he killed people .

    murder is already against the law, how would banning a weapon stop a murder? do you honestly belive if i wanted to kill someone, but i couldnt find a gun, i would go to church instead? or maybe just go home and watch tv ?

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    People can point to Cho all they want, but...

    The overwhelming majority of gun violence and crimes where guns are used, the offender has a weapon that they posess *illegally*.

    Therefore, if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

    Oh, to be rich and live in a rich neighborhood, where we never have to worry about violent intruders, rape, burglars, etc. Oh, to have a 12' tall electrified fence, a state of the art security system, and a perfectly trained rottweiler.

    Anyone who supports tougher gun control laws...I hope that you have to walk in my shoes for a little while. That would definitely find you singing a different tune. LOL!

    Have fun.

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    There are no need for guns except with the authorities. If it was illegal to possess a firearm in all 50 states, then guns would not be sold in gun shops or on the Internet. What is the use of a gun except to kill.

    Some people use guns for hunting animals. They do not need to kill the animals, it would be more of a sport if they used their skills to trap an animal.

    An amendment to the constitution can dramatically reduce gun crimes in this country.

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    Although gun crimes probably would reduce if the availability is reduced, satan would find some other way to kill people thru people like this poor guy. May God Bless U.

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    NO, it would increase because all the criminals would still have guns (and use them more often) while law abiding citizens who had guns or would have a gun would now be at risk and have no defense. It's that simple. Anyone who argues that is a fool. I would recommend more accurate and efficient background checks though.

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