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Home mortgage life insurance for a soldier that doesn't have a clause for being kia?

Gruesome thought but a necessary one since the $400k-taxes doled out after a soldier gets killed doesn't even touch a home mortgage cost in california or a family w/ 3 children who still need to grow up.


thanks for the ans. everybody. If u have any more ideas pls. let me know. After calling x # of companies and waiting for a response since ppl. seem 2 have a hard time figuring out if a.d. kia is covered in policies, I've only come up w/ one definite ans. USAA supposedly does 380k life ins. coverage for e1-e5 non smokers for 38/mo and 110 for smokers. funny that smoking and not the war zone would push up prices that much...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have you had a look at USAA?

    I don't know that they'll have what you're looking for, but if any company does, they will.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    sturdy concept to equipment the coverage. i could have concept you're able to could desire to have this coverage in place before you're able to be able to desire to close on the living house. in case you get a house ins. quote that doesn't sound useful, pondering procuring the bundled provider to different distributors. they'll ask you common stuff like squarephotos, # bedrooms, shape supplies, proximity to fireplace station, and zip code, and each thing is tremendously plenty calculated off regularly occurring formula. they don't require additiona inspection, whether I definitely have been informed that they could do "power-bys" to confirm that folk are not casting off fraudulent regulations (like on an empty lot or a shack or some thing). Ask with regard to the deductible, ask approximately how they calculate the "contents", and approximately words of living house proprietor's criminal accountability. a sturdy agent will clarify all this to you and as quickly as you get the spiel from one, you're able to desire to be waiting to evaluate apples to apples on different regulations. in case you reside in a flood straightforward, you will could desire to have separate coverage for that. States like l. a. submit-Katrina are very choosy in this now and fees are consequently greater. which you should to do slightly discover ways to make certain which coverage companies have been LEAST plagued by Katrina claims (and probably now the CA wildfires) as they would be simpler on expenditures for sparkling regulations. sturdy success!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's going to be a ***** to get Civi life insurance.

    I've heard rumors of them raising it to $800k though.

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