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what is a maryland senate and Maryland court of appeals?

what is a Maryland senate and what is the purpose of it. Also what is the Maryland court of appeal and what do they do???

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    Robert C. Murphy Courts of Appeal Building

    361 Rowe Boulevard

    Annapolis, MD 21401

    410-260-1500 • 800-926-2583 • TTY 410-260-1554

    The Court of Appeals is the highest court in the State (commonly called the Supreme Court in other states and at the federal level). It hears cases almost exclusively by way of certiorari, a process which gives the court discretion to decide which cases to hear. However, the Court of Appeals is mandated by law to hear cases involving the death penalty, legislative redistricting, removal of certain officers, and certifications of questions of law.

    The Senate of Maryland originated as the Upper House of the General Assembly, formally distinguished from the Lower House in 1650. This division provided "for the more convenient dispatch of the busines therein to bee consulted of" (Chapter 1, Acts of 1650). Since the Upper House consisted of the Governor and his Council, all of whom held close personal and political ties with the Lord Proprietary, the separation of the two Houses gave Lord Baltimore control of the legislature. The political interests of the Upper House regularly came in conflict with those of the Lower House, which advocated a popular government and more legislative influence.

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