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colombians/ colombia?

what is it like there

got any good food etcetcetc

what are some unique things about colombians?

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  • al
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    1 decade ago
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    Colombia is a very beautiful country.

    Our vast diversity makes us Unique !

    Diverse in geography(Have all sorts of varied landscapes from Mountainous regions to Savannas, Deserts or blued water coasts)

    Diverse in people(From White-Tan-Brown-Black...Colombians come in all different shapes and sizes yet we are a friendly bunch )

    Diverse in Flora & Fauna (Some just native to Colombia)

    The great part about being a diverse Country is different regions within the country have their own customs/traditions, food etc....and it makes traveling around the country fun, even for us Colombians!

    I would say Colombians are a very friendly, warm people deep down inside despite our situation within the country.

    We seek peace and hope one day we can all live in harmony.

    Check the clip below!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I just answered to agree w al, we are beautiful! and loveable ;)

    you will fall in love w our country and our people if you decide to visit. we are up front and strong so issues like the ones you see on magazines and newspapers dont affect the happy way of living we are always happy to show around!

    ohhhh and the food... besides the fact that the most expensive restaurants, gourmet food, run around 20-25 per plate (regular us restaurant price), you will find the most amazing meat and poultry, delicious and hard to find fruits and veggies and awesome desserts. Every city has its best in every type of food and excels at it. you can visit for much less money than many places and enjoy muuuuch more!

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