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How can I make my perfume last longer?

I bought an expensive perfume. The smell is great and it lasts about 2-3 hours. I want it to be on longer. I spray it on my neck, wrists, and hair. Any advice to make it last longer?

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    body sprays usually outlast even the most expensive perfumes.. so i'd stick with body sprays if you want it to last long.

    but if you'r stayin witht the perfume than spray it all over.. shulders, wrists, neck, hair, on your clothes even.

    thats what i do && it always seems to last.

    also bring it with you and just re-apply when the smell fades

    hope this helped <3

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    Best tip is to layer it. Use the matching lotion after getting out of the shower, then spray the perfume on. Once one fails, the other kicks into gear. If the perfume was a splurge and you don't want to pay that much for the lotion then check for promotions by department stores where the lotion is included as a gift, search on e-bay(I've bought several perfumes there) or opt for a good-knock off. I found a knock off of my perfume was actually a bubble bath at Wal-Mart, and it coordinated nicely. Plus, the dominant smell will be the last thing on you which is your top-dollar perfume.

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    First off, never spray directly after a shower, wait at least 30 min, longer if you can. What holds the smell of any perfume or spray is your naturally body oil, so waiting gives your pores time to get oil out. I usually spray about an hour after showering, and i don't spray my neck, i spray just below my collar bone and my wrists, or if its a stronger one, i spray the air and walk through it.

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    What I do is instead of just buying the perfume I would buy the shower gel and the lotion (if they have one). But since you said that it was expensive I sometime buy like a unscented lotion put some in my hand and then spray some of the perfume in the lotion and then rub it on my neck, around my jawline and shoulders and whatever is still on my hands I then rub the little that's left on my hands on my shirt (depends what kind it is) or rub it on the end of my hair.

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    if it is aqua de parfume or something like that it is not going to last as long as one hich is perfume. Also when, and if, you put some on your wrist do not rub your wrists together. Perfume will also resist dry skin so make sure your skin is moisturized not dry.

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    It's probably not acutally wearing off, you are probably actually just getting used to the smell so you don't smell it anymore. I wear a perfume that I can smell for a while after I put it on then I get used to the smell and I can't smell it anymore, but people will come up to me hours later and tell me how good I smell.

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    Putting your perfume in the fridge is suppose to help keep it longer. Keeps the fragrance crisp and so it doesn't evaporate as well. And the 4 points of the body. Behind the ears, inside of elbows, inside of the knees and i think the wrists?

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    Spray it on your clothes not your body your clothes hold moisture which will hold in the purfume which will make it smell all day long.

    good luck.

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    i dont know but if add a spritz at needed times

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    get some cheap stuf and then spray it on u then put your other fancy stuf on but just a tiny bit!!!!!!

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