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Why is there an answer limit?

I hate not being able to answer questions that I know.... why do they have a limit?? how can I get my limit higher??

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    You werent around earlier before operation Troll Crackdown, but the answer limit is to prevent massive spam and abisuing the points system and reaching high levels in one day. If you followed the site since mid november, you might remeber a bot named "man" who the programmer figured out a way to bypass the answer limit and answer umlimitedly for a site called l o g a b c . c o m (minus the spaces).

    Simpl put, if someone where to abuse the point system, and there were no limits, the fellow answers would still riot, this time over the fact that Y!A is cluttered with spam and nothing is done to stop it., I can really imagine how hard it is to be one of the Yamsters :(

    As for getting around it, just keep answering and voting. As you move up in levels, yahoo will essentially trust you more and you will get a higher answer limit. After a long time, when ou reach 5000 points (level 5), the only limit on you is voting (100 times a day).

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    Get to the higher levels to get a higher daily limit. There is a limit to keep the spammers from posting thousands of answers a day. And don't ask questions. They cost 5 points each.

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    Limits encourage users to keep returning to participate. You can start answering questions again at midnight PST. You can continue earning points in the meanwhile by voting for best answers. If you get to 250 points you'll get a new answering limits.

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    You'll need to get into higher levels before you can answer a whole lot more questions, say at Level 5 or higher.

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  • Jerry
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    1 decade ago

    Yahoo Answers states that at various levels you can answer only so many questions per day.

    Level 1 20

    Level 2 40

    Level 3 60

    Level 4 80

    Why this is you must get somebody from Yahoo to answer you.

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    Move up to level 5, then answering is unlimited.

    Y!.A doesn't want complete noobs coming in and just answering anything they can, anytime. If you answer consistently and earn points that shows maturity, and eventually you get to level 5, 6, and 7 where you can answer all the time.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Click back and summit agian i think.That is what people tell me but i never try.Sometime some a.ssholes make new account and annoy you with their answers like a middle finger or stuff like that.That y they make limit i think lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    answer more questions and there will be no limit

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    you have to get a higher lvl!

  • 1 decade ago

    get your points up!!!!!!!!!!!post post vote vote!!!!!!!

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