That cute baby outfit on the movie Labyrinth...?

The outfit was red & white striped. I can't yet tell if it was one or two pieces but it did cover the feet. Here's a link to a picture of exactly what I'm talking about:

Now for the question... Where can I buy this outfit? Doesn't have to be THE one used in the film, but I want the closest match possible. I'm looking all over the internet and I can't seem to find it or one like it. I found onesies that are stripes, pants that are striped, dresses that are striped, but no footed outfits like this one that are striped.

Please don't tell me to Google it, I tried that already. That is a cop-out of an answer anyway and doesn't deserve any points IMO.

The first person to provide a link to where I can go buy this baby outfit, or the closest match to it, gets picked best answer. Help me find it! I must have it.


More pictures of the baby Toby in the outfit, still can't quite tell if it's a one-piece or not:

I think this is Toby all grown up at Comicon, with the top of the outfit in the lower right of the picture so maybe it is a two piece?

Maybe I would have better luck trying to contact Toby Froud himself and seeing if he still has the outfit? lol

Update 2:

that last link was the wrong graphic I think.... try this one instead...

Also, it must be a two piece because otherwise there would be snaps up the legs or up the chest and there aren't. Must be shirt & pants but it's just hard to tell where one ends and one begins because of the stripes. But where do you get stripey footed pants???

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    Well, I don't know about right now but during the colder months Hanna Andersson sold striped two-piece footed pajamas like that (lots of different color combos.) They also have a two-piece footed fleece pajama at Lands End and L.L. Bean - not exactly like those in the picture, though. But the selection changes during the winter months. Good luck with your search! :)

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    Labyrinth Baby Costume

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    My suggestion would be to print a picture of it and find a seamstress or clothing maker near you and have them make one.

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    i don't know if you sew but if you can't find it to buy i know you can get footed baby patterns and very similar fabric. If you can't sew you could also look for a seamstress to sew it for you.

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