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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsSTDs · 1 decade ago

27)Which of the following about HIV is true??

A. Infants born with HIV appear ill at birth

B. more than half of young American women with AIDS were infected through heterosexual contact

C. the rate of HIV infection is higher among whites than among African Americans

D. HIV-positive mothers can breastfeed their infants without risk of HIV transmission

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    The statistics that you are using have made the fatal error of

    getting the both terms, and the people, of 'African-American'

    (AA) confused with that of 'Black American' (BA) -- therefore

    the "statistics" that these "statistics" are not reliable for use.

    Our society really needs to try to begin to understand that

    the 'African-American' (AA) 'Ethnic' group is *not* the

    same group as the Black American' (BA) 'Race' group --

    that the two (2) terms are *not* synomymous and that the

    two (2) terms should *not* be used inter-changeably.

    We are *not* speaking of ‘semantics’ here – but rather

    – the BAs & AAs are two different groups of people.

    The AAs are the (largely Mixed-Race) ETHNIC group.

    The BAs are the (Mono-Raced) RACE group.

    Beacuse everyone seems to erroneously both mix these

    two (2) groups up AND also mix these two (2) groups

    together -- the "statistics" about them (ranging from

    AIDs; to out of wedlock births; to prison numbers;

    to graduation and drop-out rates) tend to be

    severly erroneous and extremely unreliable.

    As crazy as it sounds -- the U.S. government

    [due to racism & wanting to stigmatize the part

    of their lineage that was from Africa which,

    by the way, is only one part of their lineage]

    --- has labeled those people who are the

    "descendents of the survivors" of the Antebellum

    era American chattel-slavery system, as being AAs

    (the hyphen is used in reference to acknowledging

    the fact that most of them are Mixed-Race,

    with African & non-African blood lines)


    has labeled those people who are "volitional immigrants"

    who are directly from places such as the continent

    of African, the West Indies, etc. -- as being BAs

    (with the word 'Black' used in reference to acknowledging

    the fact that they are of a Mono-racial full-Black lineage).

    In addition, it should also be remembered that – although

    some AAs adhere to a socio-political ‘identity’ that is often

    described by the slang term of “black” -- the AAs are

    actually *not* even a "Race" group at all -- but rather,

    they *are* a largely Mixed-Race 'Ethnic' group

    (and the socio-political ‘identity’ that a person chooses

    *does not* change their racially-mixed ancestral lineage).

    Most (+70%) of the people born to two (2) parents who

    are of the AA ‘Ethnic’ group --- are of a Multi-Racially

    ‘Mixed’ (MGM) lineage – while the people to two (2)

    parents who are of the BA ‘Racial’ group – on the

    other hand – are of a Mono-Racially ‘Black’ lineage.

    An excellent resource is the book:

    "DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE: -- Fighting

    Cultural Information about African-Americans"

    (-- written by Newsweek and Meet the

    Press correspondent, 'Ferai Chideya')

    Here are some supporting links:

    Hope that helps and that you have a great day. :D


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    B. more than half of young American women with AIDS were infected through heterosexual contact

    Hopefully this will eliminate several of the misperceptions that many people have about a more exclusive link between homosexuality and HIV transmisson.

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    Definitely B.

    Source(s): AIDS researcher in Boston
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    answer is B

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