Hey lefties, tell us again how the violence that is so pervasive in movies, tv, and video games has no effect?

on kids? And explain again how gun control will work without doing something about ingraining violence into children through the media?


Nice thought, ignore the constant bombardment of violent images kids are subjected to everywhere they go, and ignore the peer pressure from other kids whose parents aren't quite so diligent about monitoring what they watch.

Update 2:

The bible? You bet, there's a book just filled with graphic images of beheadings, disembowlment, torture, amputations, shootings, rape, etc.

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    I figure that video game training prepares our Youth for violent attacks, it gives them ideas on what they need to do to respond.

    I think "Good Question" below is writing his Manifesto!!

    Quick, do a background check!

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    If you would think instead of being emotional about this issue you would realize violence has been around us since the dawn of time. Video games are the least of our worries.

    What stopped people from continually doing violence and held some (not all in check) was knowing that sin was against God and society. Mankind had a conscious although he has never been perfect.

    We have had guns for centuries but before they were used for hunting for food or wartime, it wasn't to attack a college campus dorm. I think the first time that happened was in the 60s.. by then the intelligentsia was telling the students there was no God nor sin and if it makes you feel good go ahead and do it!

    With those sort of lies running through this country for the past 50 years what are you exactly suprised at?

    Your not surprised that babies are being killed in the womb and wards if they don't measure up to standards of perfection &considered nonproductive members of society. Your not surprised if a law passes that allows doctors to kill patients that want to die.

    Life has become cheap.

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    Should anyone really stand in line to take the blame for an individual's decision to seek and destroy while simutaneously self-destructing? I don't stand in those types of lines or listen to people that request I do so. Vote w/wisdom

    A life is a life....there will never be perfect, perfect protection, perfect processing of moral story, or all-proper use of anything unless a person chooses to do so. The fact is if honesty with oneself and others is missing bunk always brews bunk. Greed is the root of all evil - that fact will never go south as far as I can look back. Consider movie and tv has **also** been used to manipulate using bad to prove a good point using "stories" which would obviously and, if thought thru with a mature mind, be missed by someone who could care less about living a good life - teaching irony to young minds using manipulation has as many holes in it as swiss cheese. Are people not strong enough to say NO because I said so - the other party should be listening not raising their children up by ignoring them (rewarding them)as they are expressing negative behavior ...all have a right to know the difference between the two however keep in mind there are many good parents who's child is borrowing trauma stories from another. Inmature adults are not exempt for this. Seems to me honesty IS the best and only policy - so if ya can't prove it don't assume or you could be party to causing problems. Manipulation to teach only feeds the minds and encourages wrong that is how it is processed because people with blown egos terrorize people from home to world until they finally listen and talk to self - when and if this occurs change will take place in a spiritual manner. There are many out there controlling people to believe they cannot. Even a child that has decided to move themselves to the level of discipline that now requires a spanking there is a choice that nobody has taken from them. Why are parents being made to feel they are doing something wrong by discipline...to fill the jails and MH offices. True headship has gone down the tubes...any men out there educating to take back control of your home? Biblical headship equals balance in decision making.

    So, only some of this would be in addition to raising crime level for monitary purpose...it's all going on and not limited to entertainment either. People do need to make good choices if a good life is what they want - we are here for only a short time on this planet are we not? Do not miss those that seek the crime level to be raised to keep their jobs using people. It all boils down to choice and the fact that a child learns they have a choice and actively chooses the way in which they will process any information and behave or not. Many adults today have a problem spotting -manipulation- and those seeking profit are waiting in the wings ....that's the breaks. See, it goes right back to choice and the free will to choose good vs evil. Is evil ever good....only if learned from by others. Ever heard ..."they'll learn". Some people need a good swift kick in that direction and don't get it because those that call themselves leaders "haven't learned" and don't feel they should have to be bothered by it...now there is some irony. Yes, this is true but when someone goes as far as they can it continues to be choice no matter who it is. We don't hear of toddlers offing their parents or others but beyond that what is fact .....people need to use basic thought - common sense and sort out what they do have control over and what they do not.

    On the issue of guns and the *use of the issue of violence* as an excuse ...and feed into more problems why double that excuse for those who seek complete control. Shouldn't we stay on the the bottom line:

    People that use guns and bows to hunt or join a league - people who use guns to protect themselves when the law isn't listening which the law has no business doing .... are not doing anything wrong. Eating, hobbies, and protecting oneself is not wrong. If it's become wrong Houston we've got a huge problem that isn't being dealt with due to backs turned. Huge point: people can't even commit suicide with a gun because someone who's mind is gone doesn't even know what a gun is. People with a true brain issue does not even come close to eating, using personal hygene, or can tell you the date let alone load a gun because it is too complicated. If ya can't figure out how and why we brush our teeth then this is a clear Physician's issue. Those that sit in false god forums and talk dishonesty are just looking for a pet. The rest are seeking excuse and they are getting it.

    Opening up the public to danger, trying to stop people that eat what they like or rely on hunting to fill their freezer, expecting farmers to allow deer to ruin their crops, or intruding on people who choose to join a group in a sport is suspicious behavior. Consider the obvious agenda and the harassment via government/MH in the USA of all places.

    Vote w/wisdom

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    possibly have an element in someone's recommendations that can't differentiate genuine from fiction. i trust undesirable issues ensue to sturdy human beings, each and each of the time. the thanks to end it truly is in straightforward words way too infringe-psychological on the lives of a loose human beings. i imagine the substantial situation isn't recognizing those which have those evil dispositions. I recommend if a comfortable guy likes to kill threat free pets or animals. there is something incorrect, and counseling or such needs to be carried out. Even children with criminal acts or dispositions are dealt with as if they'll advance out of it, or something. Outright loopy dispositions are ignored, no man or woman needs to take the duty to assist or discover out if there's a fashion to assist, the man, or in the adventure that they must be in a house or health center. lots of the truly undesirable episodes were carried out via those who were undemanding to have some social themes. In each and each case, no longer something replaced into ever carried out. Even Geoffry Dommer replaced into undemanding to kill and dismember animals formerly he all started doing that to human beings. a comfortable guy replaced into taken decrease back to Dommer, finally to be killed, via the POLICE!

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    It's up to YOU to educate your children. If you are going to leave that task to the TV, Movies, and Video Games, you are the one at fault.

    These things were designed as entertainment vehicles. Again, it's up to YOU to determine the value of the entertainment your children experience!

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    Why must you find something else to blame, why cant it just be the persons fault. Think about it. Clearly people need a reality check of what is real and fake. MOVIES ARE FAKE. They are meant for entertainment, not guidelines. GROW-UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

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    You have a valid point my friend.

    I have allways said, I would rather allow my kids to watch decent sex films than films with lots of killing etc.

    I mean I would rather them grow up knowing more about love making than killing.

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    Yes exactly...everyone should just read the bible where there is no violence...or sex for that matter.

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    hey third Reich explain how you can kill with a DVD unless you can throw really hard!

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