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Neutral Hydrogen?

If ionised hydrogen is H+, is neutral hydrogen just H

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    Hydrogen, as natural gas, has the binarial molecule H2, and has no electric charge, even in water solution.

    Only POLAR or combined hydrogen (like that forming the part of water, acid, or dissolved alkaly like -H or-OH willhave an ionic charge.

    By the way,pure water is in fact a VERY weak acid, (the number of hydrogen atoms in the H2O milecule outnumbers the oxygen ones)..... There is no need to add the word "neutral" to normal hydrogen gas..

    We already know that hydrogen as such has no electrical charge.

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    yes but usually under form H2 which is the gas hydrogen

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    Yes, that's generally true, HOWEVER, H in itself is a radical - it has an unpaired electron and has to bond with another H atom that has an unpaired electron to form H2, a more stable compound.

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