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business advatage of oracle and sap customers achieved?

can you please tell me five business advatages or compettive edge the oracle and SAP customers achieved after implementing the buisiness solutions of oracle and SAP.or show me some websites where i can find answers?

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    That's a great question !

    Any Organization implementing an ERP solution would go through several rounds of evaluating the right solution for thier business processes and to benefit them on Long Term basis. If you look at PeopleSoft HRMS (An Oracle Product now), it gives that flexiblity for North American Companies to easily implement it and use it . It is proven to be Market Leader. On the other hand, SAP HRMS is NOT widely used on North American companies, because of its rigidity or inflexiblity.

    Time it takes to implement is another factor. SAP takes longer time . Also the Amount to implement it . High Cost. SAP can give you the right answers on other modules , but at a higher price.

    Oracle has the advantage of being the Database Leader, a customer can can leverage this, while SAP being good at Finance and SCM products, can look at the number of implementations done.

    The real competition starts now or heats up now between the Oracle Fusion and SAP Netweaver.

    see below if they can help:

    It depends or it is bit difficult to find out who gained from what

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