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英文翻譯 請幫我翻譯這段文章!!

The majority are "thrill seekers" who randomly target members of minority groups for harassment and violence. They often do this out of boredom, seeking some excitement. They may also be trying to impress their peers or prove their toughness. Others feel that members of a group are a threat to their way of life, neighborhood, place of work, or economic well-being, and hence attack them. Their violence is meant to send a message and to spread fear and intimidation among all members of the group. A very small percentage of people who commit hate crimes believe that they are on a mission to rid the world of some perceived evil. These individuals are often psychotic, suffering from a mental

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    多數人是"興奮尋找者" 誰任意地瞄準少數民族的成員為騷擾和暴力。他們經常做這出於乏味, 尋找某一興奮。他們也許並且設法打動他們的同輩或證明他們的韌性。其他人認為, 小組的成員是威脅對他們的生活方式, 工作鄰里、地方, 或經濟福利, 並且因此攻擊他們.他們的暴力被認為送信和傳播恐懼和威逼在所有小組之中的成員。做人的非常小百分比因仇恨造成的犯罪相信, 他們是在使命趕走世界一些被察覺的罪惡。這些個體經常是精神病的, 遭受精神

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