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有誰可以 用1.yours 2. neither 3. The 911 Event 4. the name of the book 5. this hero 各造一個英文句子.告訴我如何懂啊??3Q

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    1.英文 This is yours thing?

    中文 這個是你的東西嗎?

    2.英文 This field competes neither to admit defeat.

    中文 這個領域競爭兩者都不承認失敗。

    3.英文 The 911 events cause the serious casualties.

    中文 911事件造成嚴重傷亡。

    4.英文 What is this book name?

    中文 這本書的名子是什麼?

    5.英文 This hero has saved the Earth.

    中文 這個英雄拯救了地球。

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    1. Is this yours?

    2. Neither my friend nor I was interested in math.

    3. The 911 Event totally changed people's lives.

    4. Do you know the name of the book?

    5. Can you tell me the name of this hero?

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