What has the Virginia Tech incident taught you?

As one who had to experience the trauma of personal grief his freshman year with the September 11th attacks, I feel equally stunned and appalled with the incident at V. Tech. We can play the blame game all we want on V. Tech officials. But one thing is clear..we have to blame our country. Our country is full of materialism..who has the hottest gf, the best car, job, and nicest house..etc. We create circles and exclude many from our networks who do not fit our tastes. The materialism, television, video games, and lack of gun laws, have all contributed to the tragedy at V. tech. I hate to say it..but we have TOO much freedom. We want to be able to have freedom of speech, to carry a firearm, etc but not face the consequences when psycho's go on shooting rampages. The key is to live each day the best you can, cherish those you love and be happy in everything you do..because in this crazy world, you never know when someone is going to steal your life right from under you.


Stop assuming I'm unhappy..I'm very happy..but I just think we need to treat everyone the same in regards to race, social status, etc and it'll be a much better world. No country is perfect..we all have our troubles, but I think we need to unite as a nation and make changes within ourselves to keep stuff like this from happening again.

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    More than ever it would seem prudent to have access to a firearm, or concealed carry weapons. Most violent offenders are aware of the low probability of an armed victim.

    Our freedom is maintained through vigilance. If someone believes it is their right or duty to commit heinous acts against unarmed citizens because the authorities lack the resources to prevent or deter these actions, we should be prepared to act in our own defense.

    We prepare for many types of emergencies. Many of us have first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, flashlights and extra clothes and food.

    If it is not a foreign individual who wishes us harm, we now have to contend with domestic strife. I personally pity the person who has a belief that others will be able to keep them safe.

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    I pity you. You have seen so much that is wrong and violent, and yet your life seems devoid of the good things the world has to offer, only because you have made the choice to look at the world in a negative light. You live in a wonderful country, and if you were born into a third-world country, you'd have a worse life than you do now. Do not take your country for granted, my friend. You just might regret it one day, just like I did when I was younger and rambling about the same things. Why complain about what is wrong, when really there is so much that is right? The VT incident means little to the man who lives among warring sides, and this man wishes so dearly for what you have, because he has seen only terrible things happen in his life. Can you not empathize with people, and be glad you're here?

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    The time has come for people to realize that you live in a world where there are three types of people. Sheep , Sheep Dogs and Wolves. Each day you leave your comfort zone and get out into society you make a decision on which you will be. Most are sheep. They put their head down and graze away knowing that the wolf is out there but playing the odds game, and saying to themselves that I will enjoy a bountiful life of grazing and not have to worry about the big bad wolf. Hence we have the sheep dog who moves through life awaiting the wolf. The wolf doesn't attempt to attack the sheep dog for he knows he has a fight on his hands and the sheep dog will go down fighting. He sticks with the sheep for they are plentiful and easy pray. As I contemplated this tragic incident and spoke with my colleauges, we spoke of the dynamics of a shooter and the mindset that one must place themselves in in order to survive. It is a known fact that in order to overwhelm an advisary you must give him or her more to think about, than the execution of his mission. As a person is processing information they are not reacting. The fact is that if someone enters a room with a weapon, and every person in that room begins an attack on that person; that person can be overwhelmed by shear numbers. Now the attack comes in various forms, I am talking about if its in your hand or within your reach throw it at them. I wish I had the resources to show each and every one of you what would happen if that entire classroom would have begun an immediate attack on this murderer. I could invision books, water bottles, cell phones, car-keys being thrown immediately in the agressors direction followed by a physical attack from a few of these young men and women. Yes it is possible he could have gotten one or two, but they would be shots fired in desperation not shots fired in a controlled manner. We have seen these attacks in our schools now for over a decade. Have anyone of these killers walked into a school building and taken hostages for a political motive and or monies. Lets face it the police departments are just now being trained to move on the threat because they know the longer that they wait outside the more deaths they will be handling. The police have always been trained to wait and then develop a plan before rushing in. Ladies and Gents; this is not the case anymore. They now are moving on the threat. Move on the threat that is the only answer. We are talking about a conditioned response. Some of you out there will say, that is not possible. Trust me I've seen it and witnessed it first hand. If you don't think that is the case, why do SWAT teams use swarm tactics even when going against a barricaded advisary. Yes; it has to be a group effort in these types of incidents. Isn't it time our schools teach our young people how to take care of themselves. I can remember years ago there were drills developed for children and teachers in case of a nuclear attack on this country. Why would this be any different? Its time to stop thinking like sheep; step up and be a sheep dog.

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    Virginia tech incident tought me

    1- when other religion doing such act - like this case a buddist - no blame will come to religion (imagine a muslim student start this massacre i think they will relate it to al-qaeda or iran)

    2- US is not a great place & safe place after all despite the new patriot act.

    3- US Foreign policy need to be change

    4- Materialism makes people more depress making them very down & started this masscrre

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    I agree. While that is a generalization of America, there are a lot of people who are not like that and there are a lot of opportunites for the better. I agree that it has taught me to live each day as best as I can, but to also not worry too much about it, as worrying only holds you back. You must keep going forward, as I also learned as a resident of one of the five boroughs when 9/11 hit considering I was a frequent there and had just been to the towers a day before.

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    the days of in parentis locos are completed. I run an area of abode corridor at a important American college and we do see psychological well-being subjects constantly. the scholars are over 18 and might't be compelled to do something against their will. HIPPA additionally ensures that those scholars have a top to privateness. we've considered many scholars struggle by using very confusing psychological well-being classes (psychological well-being issues frequently emerge in the overdue infants early 1920s) and a few flow away for somewhat and are available decrease back. very nearly all have been incredibly efficient. We did have one pupil who grew to become into considered a wager to himself and others and grew to become into removed from housing. although, you may not constantly seize directly to that for regardless of reason. My business enterprise is likewise 3 hundred million circumstances greater liberal than VTech,

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    After watching the news for the past few days - the VT shootings, the 198 that died in Iraq, the Japanese mayor shot, we need to sow peace on this earth. Here is a prayer of peace by St.Francis of Assisi.

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

    Where there is hatred . . . let me sow love

    Where there is injury . . . pardon

    Where there is doubt . . . faith

    Where there is despair . . .hope

    Where there is darkness . . . light

    Where there is sadness . . .joy

    Divine Master,

    grant that i may not so much seek

    To be consoled . . .as to console

    To be understood . . .as to understand,

    To be loved . . . as to love

    For it is in giving . . .that we receive,

    It is in pardoning, that we are pardoned,

    It is in dying . . .that we are born to eternal life

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    If you don't like Democracy and are offended by our freedoms then surely you can leave and go live somewhere else where you can blame life's tragedies on a communist government.

  • True.. this nation is so advanced that we are so spoiled.

    We need to consider other nations such as africa, North Korea , and etc. Where people eat other because of famine, poverty , and illness. While we sleep in comfortable beds, ride on cadillacs. Eat sushi for lunch. Etc

    We need to help other nations.

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    College campuses are incredibly vulnerable. You should not bully people. As the human race, we need to be rid ourselves of the desire to hurt others, but only be willing to use violence in self-defense.

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