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Rossignol Scratch?

How are the Rossignol Scratch FS Twin Tip Skis?

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    I'm not a big fan of twin tips, buy I have tried the scratch fs and it was light and easily maneuverable. We have a pair that kind of floats around our ski school room (nobody really knows who owns them), and whoever wants them can use them. The top sheets had no damage even after tons of abuse from our whole ski school staff trashing them, and the bases were surprisingly gouge-free too. Like most park skis, it's to soft and wide to carve well, but that probably doesn't matter.

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    Rossignols in general are good "head up to the resort and get drunk" skis...they aren't the best quality (snapped a binding last year) but work just fine for some laid back skiing.

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    I'm not a big fan of rossignol because I managed to snap one of my skis last year in a freestyle competion. I prefer atomics over all

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    I thought these skis were very good from transfering from snowblades to these, it was a nice transition. The ski, skis nice and turns great, i think it is a great versitile ski for the park and just plain ol skiing down the hill.

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    that ski is a pretty good ski but if you are locking for a park ski i would use the scratch pros and the powder ski would be the bs ski but over all that is a good ski

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