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What are the symptoms before you expell the fetus/embryo naturally after a missed abortion?

My girlfriend went for a ultra sound and the gyno told her that there was an embryo which had stopped growing. It was like a dot. She is 6 weeks from conception. How long do we have to wait before the body expells the embryo? Whats are the signs before she expells? Can she get pregnant while the dead embryo is still inside her?


Actually the doc suggested surgery but advised to wait for her next period and see if it expels naturally. The embryo inside her is like a dot. Probably not more than 2 weeks old before it stopped growing. She is in her 6th week now.

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    I went through 2 miscarriages at around the same gestational age as your girls friend, it took around 10 days for bleeding to start, it was pretty much like a very heavy period, if I had not known I was pregnant I probably would have thought it was just heavy bleeding with more sever cramps than normal.

    After speaking to my doc at great lengths about a D&C I decided not to have one, although the following 10 days were more emotionally difficult, the chances of a D&C damaging the uterus walls was of more concern to me...a D&C can...though not in all cases...but it can tear or puncture the walls of the uterus making it harder to conceive again...if you can at all...

    After my first miscarriage I fell pregnant again right away before having a normal period...the reason for loosing the second baby was more from misadventure than for medical reasons (car accident) after the second miscarriage I waited for one normal cycle before resuming sex with my husband and sure enough the following month I was pregnant little girl is now 14 months old...thats not to say your girl will get pregnant agian right away, but it does happen...

    If you and her are both happy to try again, then do it when your both ready...there was a reason that miscarriage happened...and although difficult...its the bodys way of making sure that you have the healthiest baby you can have.

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    How long it takes depends on her body. She will get cramps (usually pretty bad) before she does expell the miscarried fetus. Sometimes though, a woman may only have bleeding. At 6 weeks, it may look similar to a blood clot when it comes out. As far as getting pregnant, just be careful although its unlikely it may happen. You may not even know that the embryo was expelled. Getting pregnant that soon after a miscarriage could result the same way. Try to give the body time to recover.

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    It could take a few days to a few weeks to expel the embryo. I had a lot of cramping and backache the whole day prior to it happening. I guess kind of like being in labor, obviously not as painful, the uterus doesn't have to contract as much. The bleeding got heavier and more red. As I was actually passing the "products of conception" as they call it the bleeding and cramping got real bad. I had several m/c's. Each time was the same for me.

    She will not be able to become pregnant while she is still carrying the embryo. Even after she passes it could be a few weeks to a month before she starts to ovulate again.

    Add~on: I came back to read a few tings. I read quite a bit about getting a D&C. It is actually better for her to pass it on her own. If she feels too emotional and doesn't want to wait then they can schedule one for her. Or the doc may schedule one if it is not expelling on it's own. They will check with an ultrasound.

    Source(s): I'm sorry to hear about your loss. It is very hard to deal with. Comfort her all you can right now. Don't be afraid t discuss your feelings with her too.
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    I'm surprised that her doctor didn't encourage her to get a D&C to clear the uterus out so that the remaining tissue does not cause an infection. Please have her call her doctor and ask about whether a D&C would benefit her situation.

    Her body should be working on expelling the harmful material as we speak. But as to whether she will be able to see it or not, she probably won't. Most women who miscarry at that stage just experience some heavy bleeding, cramps, and blood clots. In some instances, her body may reabsorb the tissue instead and she will just start her normal period after that.

    I don't believe she can get pregnant while the embryo is still there. Since she's technically been pregnant, her body would have typically surpressed ovulation until her hormone levels return to normal.

    I'm sorry for your loss. Best of luck to you and your girlfriend!



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    As the mother of a son who was born to a crackhead prostitute-I thank God she didn't have an abortion. I also have two other boys who were born to a mentally ill woman. Yes they also have mental illness but I love them and they are valuable and meaningful. I'm so sick of hearing that the fetus would never be worth anything if given a chance to live. Make your decision-you have that legal right. Why would an ultrasound change your mind? It IS an emotional decision. It may or may not disturb the mother. If she gets disturbed-was she ready for the decision? Average Joe DOES have a right to his kid unless he's shown himself irresponsible. He wasn't any more irresponsible than Mom during the conception so why is he thrown out of the picture now? Because she has to carry the pregnancy? Its a fact of life. As mother to four natural children-one from a rape-pregnancy can suck. But its not all about ME. The ultrasound is giving a voice to the voiceless. If Mom can't deal with it-counsel her. If the abortion is the best decision for her-help her. Don't shield her cause it doesn't diminish the pain of the decision. She needs to work through it either way. And sometimes life just isn't fair.

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    she cannot get pregnant until after the fetus is expell. I had a miscarriage Jan 07 I was 20 weeks the baby expell by itself but I had to have a d&c the next month because I was still bleeding.My doctor told me I wouldnt be able to conceive until after I reach zero meaning that the existing pregnancy was out of my system.

    I'm so sorry for your lost

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    If a miscarriage occurs naturally, she will have some cramping and bleeding.

    As long as there is a fetus in her, she can not get pregnant again.

    But, once the miscarriage is completed, you should wait for a few weeks before trying to get pregnant again. Her body needs time to heal.

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    Enjoying the feeling of motherhood and raising a family would surely be a couple’s dream. Some get it naturally, while for some others things don’t seem to work as they desire. These reasons which stop a women from conceiving can be due to either physical reasons or truly physiological.

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    I had that, mine stopped growing at about 5-6 weeks and I didnt actually misscarry until I thought I was 10 weeks. I had a very light blood stain when I went to the bathroom one day, went to the ER, then the next day is when it all happend and the tissue came out. I didnt have cramping until the second or third day after I had that initial blood spot. Sorry for the loss

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    There are a number of home remedies that can help induce the body to expel the deceased fetus. Parsley and Vitamin C are natural cures to soften the cervix and bring on the bleeding.

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