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Why is Jesus and God undefeated in sports?

You always hear:

athletes say: 'i would like to thank jesus for letting us win tonite'

'god gave me the strength to make that last touchdown'

To everybody Jesus and God is undefeated.

You never hear:

'man ...Jesus made me drop the ball.'

'God came and made my injury worse after that jump'

In reality, good and bad things happen with jesus and god in the picture. I would love to see some athletes acknowlege this fact and say what you never hear.

Interviewer: 'Hey Jerry, what happened on that last play?'

Jerry: 'man ...Jesus made me drop the ball.'

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    There was also an old saying, "There are no atheists in foxholes".

    It's normally when s-it happens that people turn to G-d.

    It's actually good to see/hear sportmen refer to G-d in positive time.

    And, of course, if you fumble a pass or 'accidentally' take out an opposing player, why refer to G-d at all?? Everyone knows, "The Devil made me do it!!"


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    God was defeated in wrestling... according to the Bible, Jacob wrestles with God and wins.

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    Remember, they're paid exorbitant amounts of money for their skills at a sport, not their oratory or theology.

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    All the credit none of the blame... go figure.

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