what does essential mean?

what does essential mean?

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    es·sen·tial [i sénshəl]


    1. necessary: of the highest importance for achieving something

    It is essential that we arrive on time.

    2. basic: being the most basic element or feature of something or somebody

    We wanted the biography to tell us the essential nature of the man.

    3. perfect: being the pure or perfect form or embodiment of something

    4. biochemistry required in diet: used to describe a nutrient such as a fatty acid that is required in the diet for the health and growth of an organism but not synthesized in the body

    5. defining: constituting the property or characteristic of something that makes it what it is

    Being three-sided is essential to being a triangle.

    6. medicine without known cause: used to describe a disease that has no known cause

    n (plural es·sen·tials)

    something essential: something that is necessary or fundamental

    Having your own computer is an essential for this kind of work.

    She soon picked up the essentials of the subject.

    [14th century. From late Latin essentialis , from Latin essentia (see essence).]

    -es·sen·ti·al·i·ty [i sènshee állətee], n

    -es·sen·tial·ly [i sénshəlee], adv

    -es·sen·tial·ness [i sénshəlnəss], n

    Source(s): Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2003. © 1993-2002
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    Of or pertaining to the essence of something.

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    absolutely necessary; indispensable

    Source(s): dictionary.com
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