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Whenever I try to install my updates the system sends a message that says the undates cannot be install because of the CD is not in place. To insert the original CD. Yes, I am a computer dummy, Okay? Is this the Reinstallation CD, mICROSOFT wINDOWS xp Home Edition, Incliding Service Pack One. I did not install the orginaly CD because it came with the Dell computer.Should I unstall and reinstall the Reinstallation CD to get the latest Updates? If the answer is yes,I'll have to reinstall Service Pack 2 and 3. Thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, like Chris said, service pack 3 isn't out yet. Now are this windows updates, Microsoft office updates, or Dell updates that update other things on your computer?

    1) If its Windows update, you shouldn't need to insert a CD for them to install. If you do though my guess that it would be the reinstallation CD just make sure that you take the CD out before you restart your computer because it may try to reinstall you computer and then you would lose everything that is on it! I wouldn't recommend installing Windows XP again because if you don't know what you are doing it could just end up causing more problems.

    2) If it is a Microsoft Office update (also download from Windows update) then you would need to insert the Microsoft Office CD that you have (it may be Office 2000, XP, or 2003). This would not be the same thing as the Reinstallation CD, so once again do not put that into your computer. Once you put in the Office CD, it should run itself and you shouldn't have any problems.

    3) If you are downloading updates from Dell's website ( like you stated) then you may need to insert a CD that came with your computer. For me they have always been blue and white and say something like drivers and diagnostics on the label.

    If none of these work for you though, or you don't feel comfortable doing something on your own, contact Dell. They would be able to guide you through the process or tell you who you specifically need to contact. They have always been really helpful for me.

    Well, I hope that helps you. Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well there isnt a service pack 3 for windows yet. If its asking for the cd can you place it in before you update. You shouldnt have to reinstall XP in order to update.

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