Should the USA build a wall or fence along Mexico border?

Is it right to keep poor people from the jobs that can support them and their famlies? Is it right for the US taxpayer to foot the bill for their education and healthcare and welfare for free? Should they be allowed to send all their money back to Mexico? Is the Mexican government corrupt?

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    The American taxpayer does not have funds to supply necessary education and health-care to all, why start another project on a costly fence?

    Poor citizens can apply and work at the same jobs others take for the same pay. All poor humans needs are basic.

    It is not fair to support people for free, all social security and Medicare are deducted from illegal workers' wages , and they will not be able to cash those, so the welfare of Americans wins a few points here.

    Education is absolutely necessary for all people, many immigrants grow to be excellent assets to this country, and hard workers as well.

    Money earned the hard way in the US belongs to the worker, not to others. The more secure and healthy our neighbors are, the less crime there is. Fathers and sons could learn to send money home here.

    Mexican government corrupt? Well of course! So are many governments; politics 101, business 101, sociology101. Honesty starts at home, neighborliness does too.

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    I live on the border and I can tell you that a big fence is not going to make much of a (if any) difference. There are so many ways to get over here, it's incredible what those people come up with.

    While I support increased efforts to decrease illegal immigration, I have to say that building a really expensive fence is going to be for naught. It is not right that America moved a bunch of plants over to Mexico so that people can work at slave wages. Mexico needs to work on making their economy stronger and America needs to butt out for awhile and stop contributing to their problems.

    I don't think it is okay that I pay for healthcare and education when I can't even go see a doctor when I need to. The Mexican government is notoriously corrupt. I have been there many times and once almost got arrested for just standing outside of a building. It's nuts! I also think they all need to learn to speak English when and if they become citizens. I really wish more could be done to change that aspect of it.

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    I think yes we should build a wall, but with several provisions:

    1) I think that there should be easy places of access along the border (both Canada and the US) where US Citizens and visitors can register to come and go, provided they meet certain criteria of safety and security. This would prevent "sneaking" across the borders of people just seeking a better life and would stop terrorists (at least, mostly)

    2) I don't think we should have a wall on our beaches because that would be silly--however, I do think they should be patrolled regularly.

    I have a fence around my back yard--this way, my yard border is readily declared AND I have some control over who goes in my back yard. That's important because, at least at some level, I am responsible for people in my back yard.

    Likewise, the US Government is responsible to at least some level for the people within the borders. It only stands to reason that the Government should have some idea who is there and be able to turn some people away that don't meet the acceptance criteria.

    I have no problem with Mexican citizens coming here to work--green card or no.

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    Yes build the fence

    There are poor people in America that cannot get those jobs and America needs to take care of Americans first.

    The US taxpayer should not be expected to support the poor of Mexico, we have our own poor to worry about

    If a person is here legally they should be allowed to do what ever they want. If they are here illegally then once arrested all their money should be taken and put into the welfare program.

    Yes thre mexican government is corrupt.

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    We don't need a wall on the border.What we need to do is arrest those who hire and house felons. They are accessories to a felony. If we make exceptions to the law for one group, why are the poor Europeans, Africans, Asians, Australians, and South Americans also allowed to come here to look for work, education, and collect welfare? If we are to house and help the world poor then singling out one race is...racist!

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    Yeah, because the whole "Berlin Wall" thing went so well, we ought to repeat it.... I hope you didn't miss the sarcasm in my tone. I tried to make it pretty obvious. The Soviets built the wall. The Germans opposed it, because they didn't want their country divided. Plus many had families living in what became East Germany. If it was built with German money, which I highly doubt, then it was money that the Soviets stole from the German people (as in, the treasury) after Germany fell. That's not the same thing as the Germans building it, okay?

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    Heres a resolution that may answer all your


    A more bullet proof way to identify a U.S. citizens.

    Then make laws accordingly.

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    What is RIGHT is to prosecute our employers to the max & permanatly put them out of business. Then law-abiding fellow citizens can fill in the gap oppurtunities. Have business owners who want to include their fellow citizens not enslave them or exclude them.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes!Yes!No!No!The Mexican Government is as corrupt as it was in 1836.

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    1 decade ago

    We are building a fence. Several contractors have been cited for hiring illegals to build it.

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