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Europe's budget airlines?

Found this scary article on budget airlines (namely Ryan Air) at Anybody else have experiences like this?

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    European and American budget carriers are generally much safer as compared to Asian ones. I've never had a problem on Ryanair,easyJet, Norwegian, Niki, Air Berlin, Transavia and others. What you read might be an account of an aggrieved passenger.

    Yes, but I've had a very bad experience on Wings Fly, a budget carrier in Indonesia. I was flying from Batam in Indonesia to Jakarta, the capital sometime in June last year.

    The red colored MD-9 aircraft had scratched paint and looked straight out of DC's Aerospace Museum. I boarded it with some concern...which was to prove right, a few minutes later. At around 32,000 feet AGL, we hit severe weather turbulence and the plane was shaking severely..with seats and other stuff inside creeking.

    A cabin crew made some announcement in their language and soon I saw other passengers reach out for something that was alarmingly called 'Invocation Card' and having all sorts of religious symbols on the cover.

    Curious, I too pulled one from the seat pocket and found it contained various prayers- Roman Catholic, Protestant, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu and something Chinese or Japanese. The prayers were asking for God to guide the pilots and bless our families. The words "air crash" and "death" were repeated pretty often in those prayers.

    And seeing other passenger, most of them Moslems, praying silently with outstretched arms and palms, on their seats with seat belts fastened...was quite a scene.

    Anyway, the turbulence ended after some 15 minutes and when we landed in Jakarta...I could have kissed the tarmac of the Soekarno-Hatta airport.

    Swore never to travel budget airlines in Asia. Few months later, an Adam Air jet in Indonesia crashed into the sea...killing all passengers and crew. I had also flown Adam Air in those days, while traveling Indonesia.

    I took away the Invokation Card as a memento of that trip, to show my family & friends back home. The experience gives me jitters even today.

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    Sounds like a disgruntled passenger. They're always right, and the airline is always wrong.

    Ryanair are very clear and specific about their check-in times and policies. It does no matter if you are in line, you must be checked-in by the cutoff time. In other words, arrive very early to get to the front of the queue.

    I have had good experiences when I've flown Ryanair, Sterling, Norwegian, InterSky and other low-cost European airlines. I don't have troubles because 1. I read all of the terms and conditions, and take them at their word, and 2. I show up plenty early, fully aware of the airport location, baggage allowances, and level of service that I will experience.

    The truth is that a lot of people require hand-holding. Buying a plane ticket, showing up on time, and following the regulations isn't that hard.

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