Law School in New York?

What is the best law school in Toronto? The most prestigious/ impressive? Which is better York or U of T?

In New York what is the best law school? Does NYU have a good law program? or Columbia? or any other university in New York? What grades do I need to get accepted and any additional info. pls and thank you. As well as any tips regarding law school and applying and becoming a lawyer thanks :D

If I am from Canada and I want to become a lawyer if I go to school in Canada can I work as one in the States specifically New York? Do I have to take any transition courses/ liscenses etc. Also how can I move to New York and live and work there as a citizen (like a dual citizenship?)

Thanks :)

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    I am a student at University at Buffalo law school... UB is great if you want to practice in Canada and NY because our proximity to Ontario means that we are very sensitive to what's going on across the border. Go to the website and/or call the admissions office to find out more, they'll be happy to give you answers.

    Also, about NYU and Columbia, they have very good law programs, but at a huge cost. You will basically have to take a job with a big law firm after graduation and work like a slave to pay off all of your loans. But, if you want to work for a huge law firm, they're good.

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