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Virginia Tech shootings: partly caused by ignorance?

1. Cho had a female stalking incident in late 2005

2. Was described as "quiet and with few friends"

3. Authorities said he left a rambling note raging against women and rich kids.

4. One of his professors told CNN "I know we're talking about a youngster, but troubled youngsters get drunk and jump off buildings," she said. "There was something mean about this boy. It was the meanness — I've taught troubled youngsters and crazy people — it was the meanness that bothered me. It was a really mean streak."

Put this in perspective of these common struggles

For #1 and 3) Asian culture is known to put great stress on children to study IE "be rich or be the loser who never gets a girlfriend"

For #2 and 4) Apparently social acceptance is a huge issue in the trial...but since Cho didn't do "the right thing" and simply hurt himself, he is "the mean one"

My point: though it is his fault for the extreme reaction if Cho were treated more like a human he wouldn't have killed. Agree?

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    The kids snapped, it was in his DNA to snap. Look to blame nobody but the kid. This analyzing this to death looking for someone else to blame is ridiculous. If I used your example many of those on here would be locked up and away from society.

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    Yes, I think so. I have a friend from Cambodia, and he has gone through so much poverty that he relies solely on money for his happiness. He does not have very high self-esteem, and thinks he can't have a girlfriend because he's not rich.

    In Cambodia, during the Khmer Rouge, the Khmer soldiers would kill people for the sake of killing; they would even have people jump OFF of cliffs, and kill women and children, and especially teachers. Now, my Cambodian friend is a lot stronger than this South Korean man was, and he would never hurt anyone, but we need to realize that many people who do this terrible things are in great pain, and are not always monsters.

    I don't know if this man was a monster or not, but he was in great pain. Otherwise he would not have done this.

    I especially feel for the students who have been shot or killed in this tragedy, but kindness is even more potent than weapons, and we wouldn't need all these laws and rules if everyone was kind and caring.

  • 3 years ago

    First enable me say that their are 15,000 students at that particular college, 4,000 contained in the dorm, and 11,000 who live off campus. Virginia Tech the day formerly as we talk had a Press convention on Fox information, and between the authorities (there have been 3), and that i don't recognize his identify stated that they do have a protection device, via e-mail, and different technical potential. even if the time that the incidents happened, replaced into contained in the A.M. even as the scholars were commuting. even as they did arrive they felt that it replaced into most suitable to fasten down even as they did arrive. surely on the time of the records convention they were nonetheless doing the study of the witnesses, and they did no longer have each and each of the solutions yet. That stated, i trust they ought to have metallic detectors as they do on the airports, and that i.D. playing cards (ones that would no longer be counterfeited), as they're planning to do with Passports contained in the USA. Secondly even as an incident does take position they ought to have a noisy siren like they do in Israel, and different international places for the period of warfare time alerting human beings to bypass into their shelters. That wll alert those who're commuting. For those that dorm they ought to have a PA device put in. those are the in straightforward words measures that i will imagine of, with the exception of strickter gun administration guidelines. actuality to inform, it truly is unlucky yet even with measures are put in it form of feels that when a deranged man or woman, or a terrotist is desirous to harm human beings regrettably they continuously locate a fashion to paintings round any protection device it truly is put in. it truly is type of a no win situation, yet we could do what we could do whatever. G-d may actually help those households, to attend to to conquer the tragedy of dropping a chlld.

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    I don't think ignorance plays a huge factor in this tragedy.

    I can relate to how he felt, My parents put pressure on me to succeed, I never had a lot of friends, and wrote a story about a snake that lived under my bed and killed people when I was in second grade, that doesn't make me a mass murderer.

    I've never committed a crime violent or otherwise, so I think your theory doesn't hold much water. The guy had serous problems that should have been addressed prior to this.

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  • justa
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    No, a nut job is a nut job.

    Crazy people are crazy and they don't respond to normal in a normal way.

    If he were treated totally normally he would have fixated on what his bent perception was and changed all the usual things into something that fits his persecution ideas.

    He was crazy, not just a little but a lot and many people saw it and acted on it but it is nearly impossible to get help for someone who doesn't want it unless he is a danger to himself or others and he didn't reach that level until he pulled the trigger.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are taught right from wrong and taught to love, could you do something like this? Maybe he wasn't a good student and had mental problems. Some people are just mean from the day they are born. You can't blame society for being looney!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, not at all. 1st of all, people tried talking to him he was the one that didn't want to make new friends. And I haven't read anything saying he was treated badly. Everyone they have talked to that had him as a roommate or a classmate said he was the one not opening up. Mean, is putting it lightly, the kid was heartless....

    To all those at VA tech, you're in my prayers. I'm so sorry you had to experience this, I hope you can find peace in your hearts.

    Source(s): 9News Denver Post
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People never look at it from that angle. people don't want to except that maybe if he or those gunmen from columbine were treated with just an average level of decency they may not have done what they did. When I was in school I witnessed kids getting mercilessly tormented day after day. And we wonder why kids go on shooting rampages.

    A human being can only handle so much before he or she snaps. remember that kid getting abused everyday may one day shoot everyone. and people wonder why? No one ever asks why are they nutjobs? or what happened to make them this way? If we don't end bullying this will happen more and more often.

  • 1 decade ago

    I totally agree with you.

    I hate that the media doesn't tell the entire story.

    Yes, it is utterly tragic that all of this happened, but there is a big reason that it did happen.

    No one sees it right now, but Cho was a victim as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    er... sounds like depression gone wild.

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