Why doesn't Harley Davidson install the V-rod's 115 hp revolution engine in a Buell Frame?

If there is one thing that Buells are lacking, it is horsepower. The 1150cc V-Rod engine packs plenty of punch, probably enough to satisfy most riders, especially if installed in a Buell.

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, because the Buell motor has cases similar to the Sportster. The V Rod is a creature all its own, it has a special hydro formed frame and mounts up totally different than the Buell.

    The Buell would require an entirely redesigned frame to accept a V Rod motor.

    Not a bad idea though.

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    Comparing the V-Rod to any other bike in HD's lineup is not realistic. It's the MoCo's bastard child, but they sell 'em like crazy. I've got a race spec air-cooled 113 Softail, as well as an '08 Night Rod Special. Yeah, the Softail is a more comfy ride, and with my build- a bit of a sleeper. But the Night Rod is just a shocker all the way around. And they both haul ***. Both are set up for straight line acceleration. Both do OK on the highway. If I wanted a canyon-carver, that's what I'd buy. Cruisers aren't made for that. I've bloodied my knuckles, and pulled hair out building, modifying, and working on both bikes. I'm actually doing research right now, considering picking up a Victory Hammer. Hater's gonna hate. But I love both of my bikes, and I could learn to love the Victory as well. If you can't turn a wrench, it doesn't really matter what brand bike you ride.... If you pay the dealership to change oil, check fluid levels, and adjust the handlebars, you have no business pretending to be a biker. You're just a poser.

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    because the V-rod motor is a big, fat, water-cooled pig.

    The Buell motor and sportster have identical cases. The Buell and sporty have COMPLETELY different frames, not a single chassis part is shared.

    The motor is physically larger than the Sporty motor too. Erik Buell is all about designing simple road machines that work well. He tries to keep the center of gravity low and everything as uncomplicated as possible.

    There is no way a V-rod motor will ever be run in a production Buell. However, I would not be surprised if they purpose built a water cooled motor for use in Buell chassis.

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    Just wait.

    My theory is that HD is having enough on the production line filling their own bike orders. I'd love to see this happen as well.

    But I'd rather see the new after market supercharger that is being installed on the V-rod engines today, then see that happen to the Buell. One hundred fifty horses should be enough to satisfy all but the most die hard riders.

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    The Buell frame is NOT the same as a Sportster! Why would you want to put an "anchor" in a Buell? The added size and weight of the Rod's motor would destroy everything the Buell was meant for. The Buell already has 103 HP. And can be increased to match the Rod's 115 HP easily. Those HP figures are at the crank you know. There's a substantial loss of HP at the rear wheel. However I know many Buell owners who've hopped up their rides to over 100 HP at the rear wheel. Just be patient... they will keep improving them.

    Torque (North America per SAE J607)

    84 ft. lbs. @ 6000 RPM

    Horsepower (North America per SAE J607)

    103 HP @ 6800 RPM

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    probably because the frame for the buell is the same frame used for the sportster. so in that case the engine and trans. have to be a married unit not separate like the big twins are.

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