Who do you believe has the most impact on the development of a child's spiritual character?

Someone in another question complained of being bombarded with a secular mindset. Who is responsible for your child's spiritual development?

If you look at public service announcements, they would say that parents are the ones kids look up to.

If you listen to the complaints about schools, you might conclude that teachers influence the most.

Still others look to leaders in the community like pastors and politicians to provide examples.

I'm sure that all comes into play, but who do you think provides the greatest impact. And is that impact more than the other influences combined?

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    I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise your children.

    A diverse, loving village. Children soaked in church, learn only to be "churchy". If they are exposed to good moral families in which they themselves can shine their own light and project what you as a family deem as important, then everyone reaps the benefits. Children's peers, are the most influencial. SO buddy up with the parents of these children, no matter what background, race or religion...as long as their is trust and love, you will create a strong village for them.

    I live this ideal in our network of neighbors, and as I am a child care provider. We all work together as families to raise all of our children.

    It makes them strong

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    I think the parents or parent has the most impact. Teachers don't seen to impact my children that much. They go they learn a programed education for there grade and go. Before prayer in all was taking out, teachers may had some impact. But since children spend many hours at home, that's where they get there spiritual mindset or lack of.

  • 4 years ago

    Almost without doubt it's the different youngsters they combine with. Despite a mother or father's excellent efforts, peer strain traditionally determines how a baby behaves excess of parental have an impact on. That's why the excellent option to get your baby to end up good is to place them right into a university with different respectable youngsters.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It starts out with the people you are around very early in life...be that your parents...or child care providers.

    Mind you, this is only a strong influence. I was raised in no religion, but I have always had an interest. My spirituality has nothing to do with my childhood at all.

    ~ Eric Putkonen

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    The world is 'condemning'. From Imus to Trump. Whatever provides a solution, hate or love. Hopefully, love, offered by Christ.

  • Theban
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    1 decade ago

    Studies have confirmed that "peer" pressure affects children above anyone or anything else and most give in to it, which is why we have so many with so many problems.

  • 1 decade ago

    Parents . 90 % of the time.

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