Why Dems will blame everyone but the gunman?

I know it will happen, you know its coming, but I just dont get it. The liberals will be crying and blaming, the gun laws, blaming the school, blaming the security, they'll be blaming everybody in the nation other than the damn kid that went out and killed 32 people. Why do they deflect everything as if it was someone elses fault, not the killer?

Seems to be the classic case that no one is accountable for themselves anymore. Its because of everything around me that made me kill. Please give me a fricken break. Kind of like that stupid movie, Columbine something or other by michael moore. If we had gun laws bla bla bla, this never would have happened! Yeah you're right, they probably would have used knives. Or more realistically those kids could still have gotten guns. Most murders occur from an illegal gun not registered...explain that?

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    the democrats have perfected the blame game and when you put everything on the system instead of the perpetrator as it should be, then you have an institution that is built entirely on 'victimhood', that is, everyone and anyone who does anything to anyone is not responsible for it...then the democrats go right at their favorite target, 'the republicans' who, as everyone knows, are evil, don't care about 'the american people', are dumb, racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, religious gun nuts who only care about exploiting minorities, women, and the poor for profit. this is the way the democrats operate and it is very obvious, transparent and reprehensible and yet, no one ever calls them on it including the republicans...i haven't quite figured out why though...yet.

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    A person couldn't have killed 32 people with a knife.

    I'm not Democrat or Republican. I'm a get it right. Screw the constitution if it is being abused. The second amendment was designed for civilians to protect themselves from the invading British... not each other.

    This whole Right to Bear arms issue is a huge, huge issue and a huge, huge problem. If you go to a Gun Rights activist party you're surrounded by rednecks.

    The gangs and little evil people like Cho, stand back and let the rednecks plead their case for them, and then go out and use the Second Amendment to hurt people.

    I'm a strong believer that without guns people won't get shot. Yes, there have always been knives, and people will kill each other with knive... but not in mass. Let's go to war with just knives! If not knives, then clubs, spears, whatever.

    The phrase, "Guns don't kill people, people do" is partially right and partiall wrong. People do kill people, but guns give them ways to kill them in mass quantities. That phrase was made up by some liberal to appeal to other liberals.

    *****After the 9/11 aftermath, the President enforced the Patriot Act which enfringed on every American's constitutional rights... mainly privacy. Sometimes our constitutional rights need changed to protect us. This includes the 2nd amendment.

    I could go on and on all day about this because of how passionate I feel about this subject, but I won't. I'm sure I will get sneered at, and many will disagree with this but.....I.....don't.....care!

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    1 decade ago

    Why does there need to be blame? A very extreme catastrophy

    occurred that cost the lives of many innocent people. It's truly

    sad when a person has a heart attack, and swerves an auto

    into an oncoming lane, killing innocents --- who's to blame ?

    The VT situation was a dfferent type of mental attack on a

    young man that went off the deep end. It has happened before,

    and I'm guessing it will happen again. No blame, no defense

    just fact. Life goes on and my heart goes out to the friends,

    and families of the victims.

  • c.s.
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    1 decade ago

    The "talking heads" (aka news media and their experts) as well as the liberals have to blame someone. They choose not to blame the person who committed the atrocities. They instead, choose to blame those they can, to get the "best" outcome they want. Be it ratings for the media outlet, votes for their re-election or votes for their pet projects (aka gun control). They do not care to take into account the facts as they happened, only the 20/20 hindsight.

    Do we want cities shutdown/locked down because some crazy person shoots or knifes someone, just on the off chance that person MIGHT do something else?

    The news media, liberals and other talking heads need to quit thinking about their personal agendas and start thinking about the repercussions of what they are spewing over the airways.

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    Please...even as a pro gun person, you have to acknowledge there is a problem with "black market" or "throwaway" guns. The laws are weak on enforcement and punishment for these crimes. There's always been good money in "gun running" and every time there is good money police and politicians turn a blind eye. So, inevitably when these tragedies happen...there's your group getting defensive. The more of these acts that happen ultimately effect you and your right to buy a gun. If you want to preserve your right...then you and your community better address this issue.

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    Sure, there are people who will blame the gun laws...or lack thereof. And there are others who will attack the school for not providing better security and warnings between shootings. That is just a function of our society.

    What I think will be a very interesting and more important discussion will involve the motivations behind the attacks. There is no question that the ultimate 'blame' has to rest with the killer himself, but a little understanding as to his mindset and what drove him to massacre over 30 people may just help others in the future. In the end, he may have been a sociopath, plain and simple. But there may have been factors that led up to his pain, hatred or suicidal behavior. And I, for one, would be very interested in knowing this kind of information...

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    1 decade ago

    i'm a liberal and here's who is to blame.

    letting a student purchace a gun legally who had been charged twice in the last 3 years with aggrivated stalking. background check my butt.

    the police and university for not doing anything from the first series of shootings to the second set. a time span of nearly 2 hours. 2 hours no one did anything.

    this gun was legal and registered. i saw the gun shop owner who sold him the gun on tv yesterday. he was just " oh well" he had the right requirements."

    there are too many guns and they are too easily accessible.

    plus every illegal, non registered gun...........what do they have in common? they were once legal and registered but somewhere along the way stolen from the so called "responsible" gun owner. great job guys.

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you. The libs do not believe in Occam's Razor which roughly translates to: All things being equal the simplest answer is usually the correct answer". In other words, this kid wanted to kill people, so he did. After the first two, he realized how easy it was so off he went. It's not the guns' fault; it's not the University's fault and despite what the stupid libs say, it's not even President Bush's fault. The blame lies with the perpetrator.

  • eldude
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    1 decade ago

    The reason this was not prevented was because of individual rights. The person displayed signs that suggested he was not mentally healthy, but the school cannot force someone to get help or suspend someone from school for acting bizarre unless he has threatened or harmed someone, of course, at that time it's a little bit late. Is it a civil right to not be questioned about your behaviour? Even in a school environment? I question that myself.

    I'm so tired of vultures like the EU press and CA press jumping all over our society when something bad happens. Punks.

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    This question must come from a rabid republican. I must therefore point out that categorizing all democrats under such an umbrella is as ridiculous as saying all republicans are in favor of Bushes penchant for rattling sabers.

    Having said that I must say that I agree with the rest of the questioners premise: people of this so called modern ilk do not assume responsibility for their actions and probably the best example of that is the way in which Bush is handling the aftermath of his costliest lies.

    I leave the matter with the observation that "people who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones".

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