Anyone looking forward to the JJ.Abrams 'Star Trek' film? (2008)?

The film is hopefully coming 2008, and will (hopefully) bring back the adventure that has been missing for so long.

Of course, I hope to see the color coded uniforms (miniskirts and go-go boots!) unisex bowl-headed Vulcans...strong storytelling...and a story taking us 'where no man or woman has gone before'...

I think Jennifer Garner is the only one confirmed for this new series...and Matt Damon is rumored...

Of course, I'm looking forward to seeing the 'original' and best Enterprise NCC-1701...


Note to Steven M:

Thanks for the update with the rumor of Jennifer Garner in the new film...

I guess everything is sort of tight-lipped at this point....

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    No, I'm not looking forward to it. Its a 50/50 chance with Abrams. It might turn out good. It might not. Garner does not need to do Star Trek.

  • 4 years ago

    I am really not looking forward for this movie to come out simply because JJ put in too many twists in it to be a "Star Trek" movie. The traditional Star Trek has been totally replaced with stupidity. The only thing that is Star Trek that remains is the names and the uniforms to a point. With that said I will still see it when it comes out on May 8, since I probably would have nothing better to do anyway. Bonus: Favorite Star Trek Movie? I would have to say Wrath of Khan with the 6th one closely behind Bonus 2: Favorite Star Trek TV Series? The Next Generation. I grew up watching it and I loved most of the episodes. Also the Doctor was really HOT! Bonus 3: Favorite Star Trek Character? I have too many to write just one. I mostly like most of the main cast from TOS,TNG & VOY Bonus 4: Favorite Star Trek Villain? Klingons, or would they be considered an ally instead of a "villain"? Nonetheless I love the foreheads and I think the Klingon females would be great too, in somethings. :)

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    1 decade ago

    This is the first I've heard of it, but if it's done right, it'll be worth seeing. Assuming that since it's using the Star Trek name, it's getting the oversight from all the big names (like Brannon Braga, Majel Roddenberry, etc.) who won't let them change 'history'. Plus, as has been mentioned already, I don't know what it'll be like with 'name' actors. I'll think of ALIAS when I see Jennifer Garner, and TEAM AMERICA when I see Matt Damon ("Matt Damon").

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    I have my hopes and my doubts on this. I hope that Abrams and crew come up with a good ensemble cast to do justice to the original series. The consensus report of Damon, Brody, and Sinise seems to work in my mind. (Though I wouldn't mind seeing Stephen Colbert as Bones. : ) ) The major doubt that I have is that prequels, save for a very few successful series, almost never seem to turn out good. Everyone I know in the Trek fan community is screaming for a DS9 or Voyager movie, neither of which do I think is Berman willing to do. But, the most I can do is wait and see what transpires. And to all of you who are knocking, just one word of advice. Please don't bash until you see the final product. Then voice your opinion.

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    If they stay with what works. This is of course focusing on the characters with a quality effects backdrop. I like Nemesis and from what I have seen around the web I seem to be in the minority. With this film they should just have fun and ignore the pressures that I am sure they are recieving. Of course Jennifer Garner is fantastic! She is one classy lady!

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it could be good if the story and screenplay are good AND if the characters are cast well and not too young.

    I think Matt Damon could, conceivably do justice to William Shatner's Captain Kirk although I don't see any three actor's having the chemistry of Shatner, Nimoy and Kelly.

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    umm....hadnt heard of it yet....i like his other work.....and dont get my wrong, i have nothing against jennifer garner or matt damon....but they're not for star strek...and star trek films have always used the case of a prior series, you can't use big name people who were never on the tv series.....all star trek actors have been "no names" when they came to star trek...that's just the way star trek is!! you dont get to butcher the series just because the creator is dead! all the more reason not to!!

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    Jennifer Garner is not confirmed either. Her part in the film is rumored as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    I ama so looking forward to it!! it will rock if it is done right.


    the best looking Enterprise was the 2271 refit. and the the NCC 1701-A. the upgraded Constitution class

  • 1 decade ago

    I have mixed feelings about this movie - It's going to need an amazing storyline to bring the audience in and for there to be another movie. Can JJ.Abrams pull this one off?

    .. I wait in anticipation!

    Attached a link to the news article.

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