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Anonymous asked in 美容及時尚時裝及配件 · 1 decade ago





thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1/ SIZE : 如果你有佢本書,可以知道大約尺寸。好似WALLET咁,個size合唔合稱

    2/ 跟住, 可以睇埋佢地o係咪真係有呢個款, 講返銀包咁, 最易睇格數。可能有d款得4格, 但A貨有4格; 或者佢真貨冇相, 但A貨又有得放相

    3/ 顏色: 遠睇唔覺, 要近睇兼且拼埋真野一齊睇, 就知如果係假野個顏色會有color shading. (唔係講緊變舊o既顏色wor,係A貨一返來個顏色會有LOT difference!)

    4/ 孖G的大細, 留意分, 唔同季度, 個GG size, so, 點講都好, 最穩陣都係有本catalog傍身~

    *** 如果唔會行GUCCI SHOP, 咁咪望下米蘭站果D款LAW~睇下佢DISPLAY D款都幫到你GA~冇話睇就一定要買o既~***

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