Who wins from war spending? (U.S. Economics question)

Which people and companies benefit most from the goverment's U.S. military spending? Hose does U.S. military spending compare to other countries? Why this information is important to know?



Thanks for your answer. But the according to the question, there must be a winner, such as defense contractors ,individuals, politicians,or oil companies. And why this infomation is important?

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  • wu
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    The spending of US military is relatively high when compare with other countries’.

    To sustain such military force will require abnormal spending.

    Iraq lost the freedom and the citizen lost lives in the war.

    US soldiers lose their lives in Iraq. American lost the opportunity of enjoying tax reduction or so, just because of increase spending on military. Mr. Bush failed to prove his words that Iraq has tremendous nuclear weapons. This may lower his credibility

    No one win in war. All are losers. This reflects the important moral to us that no matter who is the winner of the war, the lost of war will always greater than what a war could gain”.

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    If there must be a winner in the war, personally I think offensive politicians will be a winner. It is because the offender can challenge the existing government for their decision of war. It is obvious that Bush is being challenged for inviting the meaningless Iraq war.

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    Other than that, oil companies will also be benefited by setting the price higher, as there is a greater demand of oil cause by the war.

  • Jason
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    Manufacturers of military win because US government pay for it.

    US spend most compare to other countries.

    It is important because it is relate to the re-distrubition of wealth.

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