Is Waltham, MA a safe place to live?

I am moving to Waltham, MA in May. I love to run and walk. Is the city safe to run/walk around?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm not sure what the resident of 16 years is saying. It's one of the prettiest and safest places around.

    Most of the corporations have settled about the Waltham area - I'd be more worried about traffic when running than the residents.

    As a whole, Boston gets less crime than most other large urban areas in the US.

    I can see why Boston is the home to New Balance - a 2-mile run will let you see scenes of babbling brooks with Americana homes on top of one another. The combination of the flat land and scenic vistas make for an awesome run.

    Waltham has more of a 1950's look in parts which have run down a touch, but nothing like other parts of the country.

    Yeah, I heard there were "bad" parts of Waltham - I guess we all can't be stockbrokers. Anyway, you won't be running around there anyway - I have yet to see those parts.

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    Living In Waltham Ma

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    Is Waltham, MA a safe place to live?

    I am moving to Waltham, MA in May. I love to run and walk. Is the city safe to run/walk around?

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    It's a great area. I'm thinking of moving there in a few months. But like all places, there are good and bad parts but there's lots to do and it's like 15 minutes away from Boston on the back roads. I think areas you may want to avoid, and also not wanting to sound racist is probably the side of Moody street closest to Watertown. Generally a portion of that area is scattered with projects and I've seen and heard a few fights break out that usually involves the words "I'm gonna f*cking kill you, as*shole!" So you may want to avoid that area when possible. It's not officially unsafe but generally in that area, you might feel like an outsider.

    But overall, Waltham is a really good place to do both. But I think if you want to do your running and walking, you'd probably do it on Moody and Main street since those areas have the best views (and they're connected to each other).

    Btw, avoid Work Out World in Waltham. They'll use high pressure tactics to get you to sign.

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    Yes, Waltham is very safe! I agree 100% with the aboce poster- Boston DOES have less crime than other large cities! And in addition, Waltham has a lovely feel to it. I'm sure you'll enjoy a nice run!

  • Anonymous
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    I don't think anything in Waltham is all that dangerous.

  • Rich Z
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    1 decade ago

    I used to live there, in a garden apartment (at Piety Corner) and had no problems at all.

    It has a great downtown area with lots of ethnic restaurants and some good upscale suburban branches of Boston ones. There are a lot of new condos near downtown. There are a lot of new apartments on the North end of town and on Fox Hill. There are a lot of parks with jogging areas (Prospect Park, Beaverbrook, along Charles river, and near reservoir). There are two colleges in the city which makes for a lot of night life (as well as more jogging areas).

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    um ya its fine there are a lot of people who think there all ghetto and sh*t but 99% of them are full of sh*t so i really wouldn't worry. the only kind of bad part is prospect hill(the waltham projects )

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    not to sound rasist but unfortionatly not in the black parts of town. some streets you dont want to go down unless you know some people

    Source(s): lived in area 16yrs
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