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If drugs(cocaine, heroine, etc) were legal, would you do drugs?


Is it because the only reason why u dont take drugs is because it's illegal?

Did the war on drugs help you not to take drugs?

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    I already use drugs. I use them in a way thats not harmful to my physical or mental well being. I would never use drugs that had been proven to be harmful in the long run.

    Legality is not a good way of defining your own moral code. I prefer to make my decisions based on my own use a drug that produced immediate dependence or that had information and views, rather than have my choices dictated to me by a government which is not acting in the best interests of its people. It used to be illegal for women and minorities to vote. If that law were still in existence, would you abide by it? Obviously not (unless you're a bigot). In fact, marijuana, cocaine, opium, heroin, ecstacy, and a plethora of other drugs have all been legal in the United States until the 20th century. Were those drugs okay back then because they were legal? Did they become "bad" all of a sudden when they were made illegal? Any self respecting person should not blindly follow the law, but instead should challenge convention and do right by themselves, as cliche as it sounds.

    The only thing the war on drugs has accomplished is putting an overabundance of young minorities into our now overcrowded prison system. It has not, in any considerable way, reduced the availability of drugs in our society. It has not influenced my views on drugs at all.

  • No, I've already sampled most every popular illicit drug on the market and know what I like and what I can handle. I stick to cannabis and hallucinogens, the occasional mdma pill, try not to touch alcohol and caffiene often, and never touch tobacco or other stimulants.

    Opiates are fun to smoke and ingest orally, but not with a needle, needles aren't fun.

    I don't listen to what the government tells me about drugs because they're not looking out for my best interest in that area. I listen to the scientists who have studied and experimented first hand with psycho-active chemicals. I know my mind, my body, and my drugs.

    I can honestly say that I'm living a healthier lifestyle than those who use coffee all day to stay awake, and then drink and smoke all night to relieve stress.

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    Have you ever looked at a burned out druggie and thought "Boy!! If that stuff was legal, I could be like that senseless, sorry, burned out lump of ex-humanity" Oh Yeah!! I don't need a law to tell me what my own common sense tells me. Have you ever seen anybody going from one drug rehab to another trying to get ON drugs so they could straighten out their lives? Ever seen anyone that being on drugs has made anything positive happen it their lives? Not until they go through the hell of trying to get off of them!! Get Real!!! The war on drugs has nothing to do with it. That's what you have a brain for. Use It!!!

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    No I would not. I think wimps who cannot handle reality have to take drugs. And think of all the people driving under the influence. It should stay illegal because it does not just affect the drug addict. It can be a danger to society. Otherwise, let the druggies ruin their own lives.

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  • No. I'm over my drug phase. Besides, part of the fun was the fear of getting caught. All the drugs I want or need now, I CAN get legally.

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    I can honestly say that I would not take drugs even if they were legal.I hate drugs.The use of drugs is such an evil force in our society.They are destroying our society and all that we stand for. The so called war on drugs had nothing to do with my choice not to take drugs.

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    I can get any drugs that I want legally and cocaine isn't all it's cracked up to be.Sorry for the pun but I couldn't resist.

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    Yes the only reason to not take drugs is because theyre illegal.

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    The only reason I don't do drugs is because it's illegal.

    I do not put myself in the position to get in trouble.

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    No, but thats because I know what it is capable of. Talked to a lot of heroine addicts.

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