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media..... they contribute to our shootings and all.?

look on most websites. you see pictures of shooter. this and that of shooter. yes you hear of victims but on the schools site they have his picture and not theirs.

who is the victim..... think only of victims.

ok if media wants to talk of his side. do it without pictures.

his side doesn't matter.

the victims, those that lost their lives, injured, familes, students, friends, family. they are the story.

show things of them.

i feel also for his family and friends...... they are doubly griefing. for a child lost and for the things he did.

so anyone agree... why post his picture.... why....


where i work. we all agree. most of us don't care about the shooter... don't care to see more than one picture.

the shooter is less than others involved. but criminals are less than the law abiding citizen.

maybe down the road..... then tell us about him. and people like him so we can learn. right now let family and friends heal a bit first....

Update 2:

definately.... the victims shouldnt also be automatically there. that is families choice. but if it were my child. or sister or brother. i'd be an advocate to finding why this happened and how to get work out. Like Rachel Scott's family has done.

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    May the shooter go to oblivion



    Emily J. Hilscher

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    G. V. Loganathan

    The Virginia Tech massacre was a horrible, horrible tragedy but in time, it will fade from public view. Only those who have suffered a personal loss will be faced with the struggle to overcome their grief and restructure their life.

    Most of the people in the self-help group Parents of Murdered Children have strong feelings about this issue as well as Citizens against Homicide. (Members of both national groups have suffered the loss of a loved one to homicide) Compassionate Friends is also a self-help group however it is for parents who have lost a child to any cause homicide, accidental death or disease.





    Virginia shootings: The victims - BBC article including brief bios.


    Profiles of victims in Virginia Tech massacre


    To make donations....

    Virginia Polytechnic Instititute website

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    Basic journalism class teaches that a news story consists of: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Both the victims and the perpetrators are part of every story. The media chase each other to be first, with any sort of report, answering any or all of the six basic questions. Since there is usually only one perpetrator and any number of victims, the perpetrator is in some ways the easier part of the story to cover - fewer facts to check out, fewer people to interview, fewer names to know and faces to show. However, the media do not "make" the story, events do. If the victims' place or organization creates an event, or a memorial, or a web site, the media will cover it, too. Each such organization does its own thing, without asking the media what to do. The illusion that there is a system to all this, some coherence to all this, some broad reason behind all this, is exactly that - an illusion. Every participant is doing their own thing, meeting their own objectives, usually without collusion. The result is not planned. Most perpetrators are, in reality, so wrapped up in their own disordered thinking that they are not aware of the media and are incapable of acting to achieve a desired media result. They, like us, just get what comes out after the media do their thing. Freedom of the press belongs to the guy who owns the press.

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    When is the United States going to wake up and actually read the fine print of their constitution and its amendments.

    Unfortunately lots of countries have massacre problems, outside of war (declared, or civil); but why make them easier. Australia had Port Arthur on 28th April 1996, when an unknown marksman (at the time) opened fire on diners in the Broad Arrow Cafe at Port Arthur in Tasmania Australia. In less than 20 minutes at this and five other crime scenes, the marksman killed 35, injured 22, and crippled two cars with only 64 shots.

    We are not immune either; but why make the situation in the US so more common. OK, you have ten times the population; but that is still no excuse..

    http://faculty.ncwc.edu/TOConnor/410/410lect11.htm illustrates clearly just how confused Gun COntrol Laws are federally, and within individual states, and they often contradict each other. It even shows how both sides of the arguments interpret particular words to suit their cases, and both sides appear correct, the way they put things.

    Gun Control is a small issue in Australia, now; but it seems to me that the US will never achieve a national and confirmed position on it; because of vested interests and selectively convenient interpretations.

    Harsh comment, I hope so.

    Tell you legislators to get their nation wide rear-ends into gear and at least be consist, so that the misinterpretations are eliminated.

    Maybe there will be no winning side; but at least the people will be singing from a common hymn sheet

    Source(s): http://faculty.ncwc.edu/TOConnor/410/410lect11.htm and heaps of other sites available by sensible search engine usage (Google, Yahoo, etc)
  • No, we do not think only of the victims. We think about the shooter, too -- after all, he was the one who caused the mess and is the primary figure of interest. His side matters a heck of a lot, and that's one of the reasons why the media plasters pictures of shooters everywhere: It's about information and identification. We want to put a picture to the alleged perpertrator because he is the one who interests us most. It isn't about glorification.

    The victims are part of the story; the shooter is part of the story. The witnesses are part of the story, families are part of the story, the school is part of the story. Do not make the mistake of thinking one is more important than the other.

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    While I don't really have an answer to posting his picture, they don't post the pictures of the victims usually, or delve into their lives, because often times the family does not want to see the victim's name, life and photograph put onto television over and over again. I personally don't care what he looked like, but they focus on his actions because people always ask the very question you ended your paragraph with: why? Why did he do what he did? What caused someone to be filled with so much anger and hate, or even just to lack remorse?

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    biblical word for victim: "sacrifice"

    foolish parents gave place to law

    law: "the ministration of death"

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    why not

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