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Help!! My computer keeps giving me a blue error screen and then shutting itself down...see details please help

Whenever I turn on my computer, 2 minutes later the screen will turn blue with white writing and it will tell me that the harddrive is shutting down. It then tells me to restart it and push F8 to get it into safe mode but when i restart it it won't let me put it into safe mode because before i can, it shuts down again.

Why is it doing this and how can i stop it and fix it??

I have so much work on that computer that would be devastating to have to wipe it clean and restart it again!!

Please help, i'm in a panic right now.


It's a dell notebook, just over a year old

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    1 decade ago
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    It's hard to tell exactly what's going on. If it's Windows Vista or XP, then you're hitting what's called a STOP error. It is a 0x followed by a long string of letters and numbers that tells you the error code, which you can look up on the Internet. If the hard drive is having problems, and you can't get into safe mode, it's probably a bad sector on the hard drive in a system critical file. Your best bet is to do the following:

    1) Have a nerd friend take the hard drive out of your computer and place it in his. Have him copy everything you want to save to CD/DVD or an external hard drive.

    2) Load the hard drive back into your computer and boot it up. If the error still occurs, reboot the computer with the installation disk at the ready.

    3) First, try the non-destructive reinstall. This will install Windows without wiping your data, but will require a reinstall of your programs.

    4) If that fails, try the total system restore and recover your files from the CDs/DVDs/external hard drive.

    5) If a total reinstall fails, you need to buy a new harddrive. If your computer isn't that old, you need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer.

    If the computer offers a boot restore option, you may not have a recovery CD. Try booting into the restore partition--it's usually F11 on the keyboard at the beginning of the boot sequence.

    If you don't have a geeky friend to help copy off your data, you may have to pay Geek Squad or a computer tech pro to help recover your data. If you know how to do it or know someone who does, do NOT take it to a tech. This is easy to do yourself if you have a second computer and some simple computer hardware skills.

    If it's a laptop, take it in. You'll pay $150+ to have your data recovered, but working on a laptop is a good way to ruin it.

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    4 years ago

    Yes, this sounds like memory failure. Replace the memory on your PC. Before you do though make sure that the motherboard ram slots are not defective by try a known good ram and see if the problem persists. It is not uncommon especially on laptops for the memory to go bad. Take it to a repair shop and ask them to test the ram and ram slot. Does not sound like windows is corrupt because it loads windows. Try in safe mode also first to see if the problem occurs in safe mode if the problem does not occur in safe mode than it very well could be a corrupt operating system. Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    Based from what I've experienced, blue screen of death usually appears when memory(RAM) has a problem.

    The system writes data on the memory (not knowing if it's functional or not) so when it tries to retrieve the written data and could not find it, it usually results to blue screen of death.

    It's a bit of a problem because notebooks are not as easy as desktops to isolated problems.

    Is there such thing as "Demo to purchase" around your place? If so, try replacing your RAM then check if the blue screen of death appears again, if it doesn't then you have isolated the problem.. ü

    Hope this helps. ü

  • 6 years ago

    Well, there are many things to cause a blue screen, for example, a broken device driver, a virus infection, some problematic programs, or even a simple corrupted registry value. You should check these one by one so as to get your computer work properly again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    for the time that you have it on before it shuts down put a memory stick in it and after that put the recovery discs in to it but befor you shut it down try pressing F8 then shut it down...

    that is all I can think of right now....

  • 1 decade ago

    Like some nerdy guy said try the non-destructive re-install that should fix the problem unless your hardwareis causing it.

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    1 decade ago
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