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Is a constant force needed for constant acceleration? Is a unbalanced force needed for constant speed? explain


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    yes, an object at rest stays at rest and object moving stays moving unless acted upon by outside force, so if u apply a little force and then stop, it will just keep moving at constant speed, an outside force must be applied to change its speed, so constant force must be applied to constantly be changing its speed (making it faster)

    yes, well a balanced force makes it constantly accelerate, so obviously u will need a different kind of force to make it not constantly accelerate...

    actually second question wud be no, it wud be a constant force of 0, unless it was in an environment like earth where wind resistance and stuff wud be constantly slowing it

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    a constant and unbalanced force is needed for constant acceleration to occur. If the force was balanced then no change in motion takes place.

    as you accelerate toward relativistic speeds you will find your mass increasing. you will then need to increase the force to keep the acceleration constant. in this case -at relativistic speeds -a non-constant unbalanced force is required for constant acceleration.

    for constant velocity an balanced force is required (or no force).

    for constant speed you could have an unbalanced force such as the force of a string holding an object in orbit around a central hub -constant speed, but the direction is changing so it is not a constant velocity

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    14.centripetalforce=(mv^2)/r 15. f internet=ma,a=0 while at const speed so f internet=0 sixteen. an merchandise falling,an merchandise thrown up 17. shows value and direction 18. baseball being hit via a bat= projectile action 19.u return bk to the place u began so displacement =0

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