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"WAG THE DOG CONSPIRACIES" Is this Virginia Tech Shooting an opportunity for Bush to divert attention?

Is this an opportunity for Bush and his Bush-itting conspirators to divert attention from the missing e-mails scandal?

Is it like a sci-fi conspiracy thriller "Conspiracy Theory" when "sleeper killers" are activated at just the right moment to divert attention from the president when things are getting hot under the coller.

Anything is possible in a system were mind control is ever so real.

Is this another "WAG THE DOG" incident?


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    Very possibly although I thought that this sleeper or mind controlled slave, like all the others, was to help push the demands for gun control forward again. It would not be the first time sleepers have been used in America, nor is it the last.

    And no, I certainly have no intention to minimalize the pain and anguish of the victims and their families. It is all too tragic and real for the survivors. At the moment it is them who deserve our prayers and attention. That is the most important thing at the moment.

    Nor am I a dem or a rep so it has nothing to do with meaningless political affiliation. You poor folks who still believe you have a 2 party system....

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    Fox news might be happy that there is something other than e-mails and Imus to talk about.I don't believe in any of wag the dog conspiracies.The tragedy at Virginia Tech is on no ones agenda.I'm not a fan of the President yet he is truly upset about this as all Americans should be.So put a lid on it.Pray for those who can't pray any longer.I do believe that mistakes were made.As a former student not of Virginia Tech yet a dorm type situation it bothers me that there was no lock down of the universities other dorms and campus facilities.That is something that the universities officials will have to deal with.To those who have lost anyone dear to you have my prayers and those of most of the answers community.I speak as a member!

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    Do I think that this was a conspiracy hatched in the Oval Office to divert attention? NO However it will certainly move the countrys mind to a different area that will be more comfortable for the administration. Now if it were a crooked adminstration, maybe just one guy thinking they need a diversion well then... hmmmmmmmmmmm

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    honestly I would guess you are referring to mkultra , the CIA mind control experiment that now has been declassified and I'm trying to get from the freedom of information act ,anyway this particular incident was not done by a brainwashed man particularly because it doesn't follow the pattern , if you look who killed Bobby Kennedy , that man was brain washed he didn't stop in the middle to rest or whatever then kill again 2 hours later , I agree the whole thing is crawling with suspicion but right now I can not make any real judgments without all the facts . see my 360 page to see what I investigate , here's the report from Iron Mountain -

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    definite it's going to be, in the strategies of the far lunatic left. right it incredibly is the spin I even have already been listening to from libs on blogs, the internet and on conversing head radio and t.v. shows: Bush has further approximately an unjust conflict and reason worry between all the folk. This has stress human beings to the snapping component after which they persist with the lead of Bush.... fixing issues by violence and not international kinfolk. are you able to suspect that load of feces? basically insanity. rather much as silly as people who open say Bush has a climate device and created hurricane Katrina because of the fact he needed to kill black human beings. loopy, loopy, loopy!

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    I believe this was a conspiracy, just look at the number 33, thats one of illuminatis favorite number. Also why did the cops just holding studenst back where the killers was instead of getting them the **** out. This is some incredible ****, mind-control i do believe in. The goverment just loves using people that already have problems and making them monsters.

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    Let me think on this for a moment.

    OK this is what I came up with. This is about a disturbed individual who killed 32 people. This was not a conspiracy nor a movie. It is real life

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    No. I think he is sincere. He isn't running for anything so it wont be to his advantage to divert attention.

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    People are dead... That's all that matters at this point. Save your conspiracy theories for the Loose Change forum.

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    lol... liberal insanity is very entertaining. sort of like monkeys who wear clothes and ride bicycles... except monkeys are a bit smarter.

    email scandal? how ridiculous.

    how dumb is the left in our country to think something like the tragedy at VT was the work of our government.... or course the same braindead liberals believe it was behind 9/11, so why not.

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