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Cow Bird invasion at feeder driving favorite birds away and hogging the food; how can I get rid of only them?

50 lbs of bird seed in three weeks, plus the extra stuff I add for my favorite birds. They stay in the tree tops when I try to scare them away. They even push the blue jay out and try to push the mourning doves (twice their size) around. How can I have just them discouraged. They don't seem to care about the sunflower seeds, so they only bother that feeder when I have put nut meats in there for protein because the perchs are really too small for them.

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    Misty is right. Squirrels hate Safflower seeds too, but Mourning Doves love them. Fill most of the feeders with Safflowers, leaving only a couple with Cow Birds favorites. Also, so you have a porch or balcony where you can scatter Safflower seeds. (I wouldn't recommend the ground, because all feeding areas should be cleaned regularly and all birds should be watched closely for diseases that might spread. This is harder to do, if seeds are just scattered on the ground.)

    Cut out the meat nuts for a while-- a couple of weeks ... then reintroduce them Under the Safflower seeds later for your favorites birds. Don't hide the meat nuts initially or the Cow Birds will hunt for their favorites in them.

    I personally love the Brown Headed Cow Birds, but we only have a few. (Mourning Doves outnumber Cow Birds considerable in the USA.) I have over 40 different species at my feeder daily (except in March when some are flying home while others return). All species have their place. Even the preditory birds like owls and hawks ... although I try to keep them away. I guess we all have our favorites. I can't wait for the Tanagers return!

    Good Luck to You. Happy Birding!

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    I use safflower seeds. They don't eat those as readily. Also, if you find nest sites in your yard, check to see if the cowbirds have laid their eggs in them. You will see a difference in size & color. Toss out the larger one.

    Good luck!

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