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Where can I find information on Point Hope Alaska?

I'm specifically looking for information about a story I've heard that says we took nuclear waste and buried it there to see what impact it would have on the environment and, in turn, on the human inhabitants.

I'm familiar with the Indigo Girls' song by that name, but is there anything else out there?

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    In 1957, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission [AEC] established the 'Plowshare Program' to "investigate and develop peaceful uses for nuclear explosives." In early 1958, the AEC selected a site at the mouth of the Ogotoruk Creek near Cape Thompson, approximately 30 miles southeast of the Inupiat Eskimo village of Point Hope. Shortly thereafter, they developed plans for an experimental harbor excavation to be called Project Chariot. Late in 1962, after extensive scientific studies, the AEC announced that it "would defer further consideration of the proposed Chariot experiment," due in part to public criticism.


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    this site has maps of every toxic waste dump in Alaska and there are a lot. Also a lot of other info about waste in AL. This should help.

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