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wat is wrong with my cat?

when my cat cleans herself she makes almost a snorting noise is this normal

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    Two of my cats make a noise which reminds me of my pig snorting when they clean themselves! They are both long haired, and only do it when they really get into the cleaning business properly, and their little noses are buried in their fur. They sound as if they are spluttering, and I can only imagine the amount of spit they are generating! Perhaps the hair gets up their nose and they have to breathe through their moutns at the same time as licking, who knows, but it is rather funny.

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    LOL! One of my cats does that also. She has long hair so I think the hair goes up her nose while she is cleaning and tickles her so that's why she makes that snorting sound. I think it's cute.

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    My cat doesn't even have long hair and it does this! She sheds a LOT so maybe that has something to do with it, like a previous answerer said hair getting stuck up the nose or something? LOL it sounds hilarious and disgusting

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    what the hell is mistaken with you? there's not anything humorous approximately this? 1st off pooping blood isn't humorous it is critical. the jogging into partitions manner he prob has smacked his head beautiful tough and demands a few vet awareness. you have to take a few accountability and no longer chortle at it. he's your puppy and you're ill for even considering that is humorous. Also use spell determine subsequent time.

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    some cats make weird nosies when doing things, sometimes cats purr when they clean themselves and since their noses are probably burried in their fur it sounds funny, or there could be something up her nose. take your pick.

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    I have heard many cats do this. Alot of them have the smashed in face but its normal.

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    of course its normal it probably spit being gargled while she cleans the fur so dont freak out this is perfectly normal!

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    one of my cats does that too.

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