Baseball: Burnett for Wakefield?

Wakefield is currently a Free Agent, and i have Burnett as one of my pitchers. Considering dropping him for Wakefield? Or maybe drop Burnett and pick up Kip Wells? Or leave Burnett?

These are my current pitchers i have:

tim hudson

daisuke matsuzaka

matt belisle

mike gonzalez

aj burnett

scott kazmir

bobby jenks

ervin santana

bartolo colon

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    never tim wakefield......even if burnett starts sucking wind....dont go with wakefield...heres a list of starters other than wakefield who you should look at first.....

    sp- Jeremy sowers should have a good year in cleveland since lkast year in his rookie year had a solid year.................

    sp- Ian Snell....can strikeout a decent amount in pitt...if gets run support should get double digits in wins....

    rp- Dan wheeler recently named closer in houston....

    rp- torres or reyes should get decent amount of saves for their respective teams...

    p- wainwright doesnt put up particularly great fantasy numbers but good for wins

    p- Adam Loewen poised young kid in baltimore who could have hell of a year....

    p- Jason Jennings with run support should do better than when he was in colorado.....

    also keep an eye on daniel cabrera, zach greinke, jason hirsh, clay hensley, pavano, igawa, micah owings, mike pelfrey, and anibal sanchez....of course kip wells is solid too

    but overall i think your pitching is only have one legit closer though? you might want to grab another but other than that i liek your picks of hudson and kaz who are both solid....i too went with belisle today for a spot start hopefuly he will put up numbers similar to seasons stats .....

    but one more word of advice

    no wakefield

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    There may be better FA options than A.J. Burnett. However Wakefield and Wells are not among them. Wakefield throws a lot of innings, but his era & whip are nothing special and his k total is low. Wells has been a rather poor pitcher both real life and fantasy for several seasons. Burnett is inconsistent and somewhat injury prone, but he has a better K rate than the other guys you named and is a better overall pitcher. Possible free agent that I definitely prefer is David Bush while someone like Gorzelany of Pittsburgh has done well and has a reasonable chance to continue this trend. Daniel Cabrera is worth a shot as well. Actually the SP I'd drop off your roster if I were making a move is Belisle.

  • 4 years ago

    James Shields Edinson Volquez wealthy Harden Ted Lilly Cole Hamels Matt Garza there are a superb type of fellows who need to be on that record who're extra advantageous than Zumaya, Rodney, Wakefield, Jurjens,

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    Keep Burnett, he will have a decent season. If he falters in his next start (less than 5 innings), then you should find someone else. I'd try to trade him first. If that doesnt work, then I'd find someone else, but not Wakefield.

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