What do you think about the Pacquiao-Solis fight?....And about Solis' Comments about Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao stopped Jorge Solis with a powerful right hand in the eighth round Saturday night after struggling through the opening five rounds and being cut by a head butt in the sixth.Pacquiao (44-3-2, 34 knockouts) holds the WBC international super featherweight belt, and is the WBC's No. 1 contender to the super flyweight title held by Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico. Solis, the brother of IBF light flyweight champion Ulises Solis, lost for the first time in 35 fights. His record is 32-1-2.

"With respect to Manny Pacquiao, my wife hits harder," Solis said. "He's very fast, very quick, and I didn't see those punches."

The head butt occurred when Pacquiao lunged toward Solis in the middle of the ring. Pacquiao appeared clearly upset, and began connecting efficiently on Solis.

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    i've already answered this same question and as i've previously answered...... the reporter doing that interview should've asked jorge solis "why didn't you ask your wife to fight instead?"

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    Good tune-up fight for both fighters...

    for the Pacman - in preparation for a rematch (or even a trilogy) with Juan Manuel Marquez

    for Solis - so he can climb a weight class higher if he wants a lot more challenge to his boxing skills

    and also, it's ok if the Pacman does not really hit that hard... a lot of guys out there can take a really powerful punch. The fact that the Pacman can throw punches with just the right amount power but with blazing speed it can hardly be seen it's coming, any one will surely get knocked-out - what with the accumulation of all those punches in a matter of seconds.


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    Obviously, then, Solis' wife is the better candidate, in that household, to contend for Pacquiao's belt!

    The slew of past contenders knocked out by Manny Pacquiao is evidence enough, irrespective of Jorge Solis' opinion, that Pacquiao is deserving of all the accolades showered upon him

  • 1 decade ago

    I think Solis is a fool. I know Pacquiao's punches hurt because I didn't feel like he was keeping pace with Pacquiao. All in all though, it' probably just Solis venting frustration over loosing to Pacquiao- just like all the rest of them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is another example of a poor loser. Solis should be gracious in losing, not taking shots at someone who knocked him out. If his wife hits harder, I guess he knows better than getting into a fight with her, because there will not be a ref to save his rear end.

  • 4 years ago

    To the consumer above me: Comeback. i wish you already know that Manny is an distant places phenomenon now. He has been ever considering that 2001. he's an remarkable fighter. there's no danger in hell that Manny loses this combat. I swear to God that if Manny loses, i will slit my wrists and enter oblivion. Solis won't be able to defeat Manny, in simple terms like guy won't be able to stroll on water.

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    1 decade ago

    Pacquiao is simply put, the most energetic and exciting bad-*** to watch box these days. Unlike Ricky Hatton, Pacquiao delivers in every one of his bouts. I seriously think Solis knew he was talking out his **** when he said those comments.

  • 1 decade ago

    Solis is just upset of getting his perfect record blemished. The pac-man whooped his butt all night....manny is da man..he beat up on all my latino fighters...and the guy is unbelievable..i'd like him to rematch Marquez but then again maybe i don't!

  • 1 decade ago

    Typical answer in the boxing what he said to pacman. I guess he could not accept that small filipino could tko him out in less that 10 rounds. My advice to him is that just trow the towel and be trainer to his wife. since his wife is much better fighter than him and pacman. I guess he is we called back "under-visaya". It means that his wife is the head and neck of the househould.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well his comments should be ignored, because we all seen the two knockdowns in the fight. The referee was just saving him the trouble. If he is so mad ask for a rematch, but that will never happen....

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