cheapest flight from newcastle to tenerife south?

I am trying to book a flight from newcastle to tenerife south, flying on the 25th may and returning on the 1st june (flight only)

it is for 2 adults and 2 kids, but the quotes i am getting are extortionate, does any1 know of any airlines that offer really cheap direct flights? i am looking at under £600 if poss.

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  • cynthy
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    3 years ago

    each and each of the flights are literally over £2 hundred in accordance to man or woman. there's a flight going out of Gatwick day after today for £169 so my advice is to keep checking and get an fairly late deal. The flight could come down in cost via then. I actually have checked each and each of the low value and excursion operators for you this morning and it truly is my most suitable advice.

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    I would like to help but as I think there are to many Geordie's there already I cant, sorry. its just that appalling accent

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    You can try

    you might land up with some real cheap fares....



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