My boy friend has been taking antibiotics for over 2 months, if I am on birth control can I get pregnant?

also, if you dont know, anti biotics mixed with birth control can be the leading cause too "oops" I dont want an oops.

infact, i dont want kids EVER

any info greatly appreciated...

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    The "oops" you refer to is only when the WOMAN takes antibiotics while on the pill. Since it is your boyfriend who is taking the antibiotics, you are safe.

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    No. They say there is a chance the pill's effectiveness is lessened by antibiotics, but only when you take them.

    There are two ways that antibiotics potentially can reduce the action of birth control pills. Some antibiotics, e.g., rifampin, griseofulvin, cause the enzymes in the liver to increase the break-down of estrogens and thereby can decrease the levels of estrogens in the body and the effectiveness of the pills. This can result in unwanted pregnancy. he other way that antibiotics could interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills is by reducing the re-circulation of estrogens within the body. Estrogens, e.g., ethinyl estradiol, in birth control pills are broken-down by conversion in the liver to other chemicals which are then secreted into the intestines in the bile that is produced by the liver. Bacteria in the intestine are able to convert these chemicals back into the active estrogen which is then reabsorbed into the body.. This re-circulation is called entero-hepatic cycling. Theoretically, antibiotics can kill the bacteria that convert the inactive chemicals to the active estrogen, and, therefore, may interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills.

    Although it has not been proven that unwanted pregnancies can occur by this means, drug manufacturers caution that antibiotics could decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. Since it is better to be safe than sorry, individuals taking birth control pills are advised to use a second reliable method of birth control when taking antibiotics.

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    studies suggest that antibiotics and birth control in your body increase the 'oops' factor your boyfriend is the one taking the antibiotics not you therfore you probably wont but on the other hand no contraception is 100% effective so i sugest a back up plan such and use a male or female condom or those things you can get the doctor to impant or better yet dont have sex

    Source(s): medical scientist
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    This is only when you are taking the antibiotics. His antibiotics will not get in your system. Remember though that birth control sometimes does fail. If you are positive you never want children, why not get your "tubes tied" and make is for sure?

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    Your boyfriend being on antibiotics will have nothing to do with the way your birth control pill works. As long as the BC Pills are taken as prescribed, you should be just fine.

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    How grew to become into your era once you had it on the "off week"? grew to become into it heavy like your wide-spread classes? it would desire to have been recognizing as in early being pregnant (which some have and nonetheless have healthful toddlers). some locations inform you to allow a definite time from switching to a minimum of one form of delivery administration to a various. and whether you have been on delivery administration, your physique nonetheless needs to conform with the hot form of approach. Taking delivery administration once you're pregnant shouldn't reason a miscarriage. they're *no longer* comparable to an abortion pill. maximum delivery administration pills do 3 issues to ward off being pregnant. a million-They decrease/avert ovulation time throughout the time of your month-to-month cycle that's while the egg is released. 2-They thicken the mucus around the cervix which makes it no longer straight forward for sperm to pass into the uterus to realize any eggs 3-they might additionally skinny out the liner of the uterus making it extra durable to eggs to attach to the wall Even the Plan B pill that's think to assist avert being pregnant isn't one hundred% stable. it is purely an superior form of delivery administration it does not supply up a being pregnant. while you're already pregnant by using the time you're taking the Plan B pill it is not going to electrify something. that's why they recommend taking it quicker, the longer you wait, the longer the sperm has to fertilize the egg.

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    Your boyfriend's antibiotics are in his system not yours. They won't affect your birth control. If you were taking the antibiotics then that would be a different matter.

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    HE is taking antibiotics. You aren't. The antibiotics in HIS system won't interfere with YOUR birth control. Here's how it works:

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    Antibiotic/s do not kill the fetus and hence can neither prevent nor terminate pregnancy.

    You cannot become preg unless you have sex

    Your birth control med if has been taken at the right time will help you in not becoming preg.

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    You can always get pregnant when you have sex. If you don't want to get pregnant EVER, you need to get a more permanent and effective form of birth control!!

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