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Why does DC need a vote in Congress?

The reason the District of Columbia was established was so that there would be a place for the federal government that was not attached to any one state or any one group of people. If there is such a need for these people to have representations, why don't they just move to VA or MD? Or, why doesn't Congress just give all the land back to MD? Then, DC can then just be a county in MD.


All the land that makes up Washington DC was originally part of Maryland. Since the land came from Maryland, it can go back to Maryland. Arlington Cemetary is in VA not DC.

No everyone in DC would have to move, only those people that feel that they must have a vote. Remember, not everyone cares enough to vote so not everyone cares if they can vote.

The Constitution was written before the District of Columbia was established. So, this wasn't consider when the document was written.

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    They do not. It is clearly written in the Constitution that only States are allowed to have representatives and Washington is the "District of Columbia", on land ceded by the states of Maryland and Virginia. Just because the democrat party wants to rewrite the Constitution of the United States of America, to try to get more votes, does not mean it is a good idea. They also want to give voting rights to felons and illegal aliens, and this is not a good idea either.

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    the persons of DC are being taxed with out representation, this is in simple terms as unconstitutional. In no different democracy interior the worldwide are the persons of the rustic's capital no longer represented interior the government. I agree, in spite of the undeniable fact that, that they gained't get the vote because of the fact it will bypass to the incredible court and it would be desperate that this is unconstitutional and the government's too grasping to supply up taxing the unrepresented, so because it incredibly could no longer substitute. DC won't be able to and could no longer substitute right into a state because of the fact this is the state capital, this is assume to be a city. No different u . s . interior the worldwide has a state for this is state capital, it does not make sense. the only element that would desire to be accomplished is for DC to alter into area of a neighboring state, yet no state needs DC and each and all of the subject concerns that comprise it. DC is in simple terms screwed and that i've got faith undesirable for each and all of the persons who're being taxed with out representation because of the fact we've been based on the numerous that such injustice in unacceptable.

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    American independence was established on the basis of the need for representation in the law-making (especially taxing) bodies that rule us. To deny representation to D.C. goes against the grain of what the U.S. is supposed to be about.

    Most D.C. residents are low-income service workers either employed by the government or in the tourist industry. To suggest that they should move to the suburbs is absurd.

    The Constitution does not mention a federal district. The United States is the only major country in the world where the inhabitants of its capital do not have the right to vote in federal elections. It is high time to give the citizens of D.C. the vote.

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    They don't, and what the congress passed is unconstitutional. Bush will veto, as well he should, this is another example of Democrats disdain for the US Constitution and what it stands for. Much like Pelosi's illegal trip to Syria, and Pelosi's and Reid's attempt to take over the White House by proxy.

    And as to your assertion, yes the only legal way to do this is to turn the land back to the State, infact the State should demand it and file suit in federal court to seize it based on congress's actions.

    So Sayeth the Impaler!

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    Washington DC should all be federal property and they should move all residents out of the city. DC is supposed to be the federal government with no attachment to any state to get that state preferential treatment .

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    They might like to vote, not sure of the population that actually live there but would bet it is pretty small.

    If they want the vote, they have to become a state, and I for one would not ratify that one.

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    I dont think they can give it away to a state, and do you expect the entire population of DC to move.

    Just give them one congressman

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    because they pay taxes,does no taxation without representation ring a bell.

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    Simple... They don't

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    They are taxpayers

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