White Pride--Racist ?

Look at my answer to--(joe s's) question--- "I got called a racist for having white pride??" Please-I would like some intelligent answers--(thoughts) to my answer on that question!!---(Not enough room to put it here)


Justbe--I have never said I was better than anyone else--but--no one else is better than I am!

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    1 decade ago
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    Pride in one's race is not racist.

    This is a mistake so many make. People equate "White Pride" with KKK, White Supremacists (go to stormfront if you want a taste of THAT lot), or Neo-Nazis.

    That is not true.

    I shall give an example. If Moon, for example said she has "White Pride", she is going to be called racist. I can say I have "Romani [or Gypsy] Pride" and nobody is going to call me racist, same with Black, or any other ethnicity. The words "white" and "pride" have been combined to mean something other than being proud of your ethnicity. If Moon wore a t'shirt saying "Proud to be White!" she would be labelled "racist". If I wore one that said "Proud to be Romani!" I would not. Ok, they might say... "dirty, theiving Gypsy" but I a pretty much used to that. :P

    If she said "Whites are the best! Nobody is as good as a white!" she would be racist. If I said "Gypsies are the best! Nobody is as good as a Gypsy!" I would be racist. There is the difference... setting your own ethnicity as superior to others.

    I do not believe that there is anything wrong with anyone of any race being proud of that race as long as they do not say that they are superior to other races. I actually feel sad for those who feel bad about their race or ethnicity, be it "pureblood" or mixed blood.

    I am damned proud of being Romani. However, I do not think Moon, or anyone of any other race/ethnicity, is less than I am.

    Were I white, I would be annoyed that I could not say I am proud of being white.

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  • 4 years ago

    Everyone comes from a rough history, no one moreso than anyone else. I also see more racism against whites these days than anyone else. This also has to do with the fact that there is a racist in the White House now too who will continue to give special treatment to groups that he deems special. I am VERY proud of my half German half Swedish ancestry but I'm far from being a racist. I also think that people get frustrated with their own lives and how they have navigated themselves. But, it's easier to blame it on the white man than to accept responsibility for their own choices and actions. Plus, please remember that whites did NOT go overseas and steal people from Africa. There was a buyer and a seller, so they can also hate their own African ancestors because they made plenty of money off of their own people. I could care less about race, I look at the character of the person and not too many people these days have admirable character...this goes for ALL humans.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There's nothing wrong with pride in your race, whatever it is. You personally however are overreacting. You're saying that it's unfair that there are specifically Black and Hispanic things? Do you realize that it's because they don't have to have White things? EVERYTHING else is White. There's a black history month sure. There's a white history school system. There's a BET, sure. There's an MTV and VH1. There's a Black Chamber of Congress, sure. There's a Chamber of Congress. Then we have the fun part. Black colleges. Then we have...the Ivy Leagues. We all know that they prefer rich white kids.

    By the way, I'm white.

    Oh yeah, and I'd like to add that most of the technologies and what not that Europe was always so fond of usually came from either the Middle East, or China. Hell, the wheel came from Africa.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I didn't read Joes question, but I think a little white pride is a healthy thing. The Blacks have marches to show their racial unity and its ok isn't it? The illegals are even proud of their Ariba Larassa, so what's wrong with us being proud of our race? Nothing!

    Now I wouldn't worry one little bit about something some simpleton told you about being a racist. For all you know he could've just been being racist against you. So I say to hell with them, tell em' to get bent and get on with your day.

    Source(s): No time for simpletons
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  • 1 decade ago

    First off i would like to address David's statement that "God made us superior".

    It's that mindset that keeps the racial problems going. There is alot going on with America and our generation is being dealt a pretty scary hand when it comes to the future. OUR future. AMERICANS

    btw i'm white as snow, born and raised in a little bitty farm town that just in the past couple years has had a few black families move here.

    So i've heard the comments and barbs that are said about these people by some of the community. Then these same people smile and act friendly to these families to their face. But no one invites them to dinner!

    Believe me it's just not white people that are racist. i have black friends and i've been in the black community with them many times. i've heard remarks from some of the African Americans aimed towards me. One day it was "snow is falling on the corner", another time i heard a black woman say, "There is another white B@@@@ looking for a black man".

    So it is both races, ALL races. Hispanics are being treated poorly by both white and black people. The Native Americans have been exploited and abused by our government from the first time Europeans set foot on American soil. i hear people making fun of Asian people when i go to a Chinese or Thai restaraunt.

    It's awful. As the gentleman in one of the posts said. He is proud to be a Native American but mostly he is proud to be an AMERICAN.

    If we all do not put aside our hate and distrust of each other this country is not going to make it in the future. We have to stand UNITED.


    Be proud of your race, your heritage, your ancestors. But don't make a big display directed to disrespect other races and cultures.

    We have to start confronting people when we hear racist remarks. Don't go with the flow and snicker and giggle at a racist joke or remark. Do what you KNOW is the right thing to do.

    i'm getting off my soap box now. Sorry but this is one issue that i'm passionate about. People are people, We are all beautiful and have a right to live with dignity and respect.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What is the source of your pride? Are you somehow responsible for being white? Did you invent white? There is no cause for any pride in the color of skin, since you did not participate in the decision, nor were you given a choice. Therefore, you deserve neither credit nor blame for the color of your skin. Likewise, you have no real reason to feel either pride or shame.

    If you are proud of the white race in general, again, I have to wonder what is the cause of the pride. The white race is no more responsible for the rise of civilization than they are blameless for the fall of civilization. The white race alone has invented nothing, created nothing, nor does the white race possess anything that other races do not possess. This so-called pride will be finished with the body. What will be the use of your pride when you are dead?

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  • 1Edge3
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    1 decade ago

    To Lori S, I'm pretty sure the white race invented something... nuclear bombs, mayonnaise, country music... don't blame that **** on us. Oh... and airplanes. We know this for a fact. Other people might have had ideas throughout history, but it was two white guys who got an airplane to fly in North Carolina. No colored dude would mess with gravity. Um... skydiving, scuba diving, tennis, polka... all things I'm perfectly happy attributing to people other than my own.

    You guys and your race bull caca crack me up. Let the thumbs down commence.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To have pride in your race is considered racist unless you happen to be anything other than white. The Zionist control of the media helps fuel this fire. They dedicate the whole month of February to the blacks and tell us we need to learn about the black heritage and how important they are to our society, yet if we tell someone that we take pride in our white heritage we are considered racists and bigots. This is the reason our society is in decline. The media tells us we are wrong and people start believing this. I tell you to stand up and be proud of your race. The white race has a lot to be proud of. I would take arms and fight for my race and encourage others to do the same, however with the Zionist media we are influenced to stand down and let the world walk all over us. God made us superior for a reason and now they are taking advantage of it.

    Source(s): STAND PROUD.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Baby Girl, there is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are. Just don't say that you're better than others. ~With Love~

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  • 1 decade ago

    White's aren't allowed to be proud that they're white. Haven't you learned that yet?

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