winner my mail yahoo Congratulations!!! Lucky Winner,?

Congratulations!!! Lucky Winner,

A copy of the Winners Payment Application Form has

been forwarded to you. Follow the steps to carry on

with your claim:

1) Print out an ENLARGED copy of the application form.

2) Carefully read through it and Fill out Sections


3) Scan the completed form and send it back to us as

an attached file, through this same email address


This form is to enable us have comprehensive

information about you and also, how the prize you have

won will get to you.

As soon as we receive this form back from you, we will

inform our paying bank branch, for cash prizes in and

also for your winning certificate, which will be sent

to you as genuine proof of your winning.

We have also provided you with an alternative means of

providing your information incase you encounter any

difficulties in printing and scanning.


Full name:

Date of Birth:








I) Bank Transfer II) Electronic Money Transfer

If bank Transfer,

Name and address of Bank:

Bank Account Number:

If you have any question or concern, please do not

hesitate to contact me.


Mr. David Kewell

(Regional Claims Agent)

Australian Lottery Inc.


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  • 1 decade ago
    Best Answer

    A good rule to go by - if you didn't enter a competition and someone is telling you you've won, the first thing you should think of is scam!!! This year I received a letter telling me I won money in a Spanish lottery, and I live in Australia and never even heard of it. They asked for all sorts of details too, including bank account details. Instead of replying I checked with Consumer Affairs which has a list of known scams and mine was on it. They end up telling you that they need money to clear paperwork, etc. and you end up paying and get nothing in return.

    I am thinking scam. Name, address, birth date, occupation, and bank account details? Could be an attempt at identity fraud. There's enough there to get a loan, or credit in your name. That with the bank account details and you could find your account a little short next time you check.

  • Cheryl
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Yes this is a scam. yahoo does not send email like this. all lottery winnings that is sent to your email is not legit. Why would you have to keep any winnings a secret,if you really won. You did not enter into any lotteries did u? Don not send any of your info to this person. As a matter of fact DO NOT any more mail that says you have won ANY MONEY. These e-mails usually comes from far away places. Ignore Ignore. cupkake

  • mhiaa
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Ever heard of Identity theft? I mean, come on, if you legitimately win something, they send it to you, no questions asked. In fact, where I live, NYS, you win something, they must send it to you without conditions or fees. If not, you report them for fraud or whatever. I had a girfriend fall for a Nigerian scam, where she sent a $1,000 money order to cover her "charges" for sending the mondy to the US. They even called her house to verify they had received the money order and her payment would be forthcoming!!As bad as the bogus Ebay scam - we need to update, please verify your address, financial info when you first signed up with Ebay in order to avoid fraudulent access to your account - and it looked so real people were falling for it!

  • 1 decade ago

    Even I have got the same mail.

    One point to be observed is the senders email address.

    He is sending yahoo winners mail with user id of hotmail.

    why yahoo people will send a mail from hotmail?

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  • 1 decade ago

    i got a different type of lottery wining notification..and its totally a is impossible for others to give us money just like that without having any business, right?

  • 1 decade ago

    Of course this is a scam! I have received a lot of these but deleted them instantly.

    Source(s): My e-mail and common sense
  • 1 decade ago


  • 1 decade ago

    how come

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